My #twizy finds a new home! It will be well missed.

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It’s time to say bye bye to the most funky ride I’ve ever owned. The new owner in Kent promised to take good care of it. 


Good times! 

It’s gonna be well missed! 2 years of epic joy riding. These lot don’t depreciate as fast as one thinks.

Ownership summary? 

Picked up for 3800 in April 2015

And now sold for 3450 April 2017. 

I say it’s a decent good deal as far as depreciation is concerned. There isn’t much to It. Car battery is leased, and warranted. As well as insured.

I covered 7,500 miles in that period – not really a lot but I did opt for the longest battery rental deal with 7,500 miles a year @£53/month. Could have saved a few pennies if I was a little more conservative on the estimate but it was not worth the hassle, the 4,500mile/year term was £6/month cheaper. 

So suppose it could have worked out £144 cheaper overall. Ah well. I blame the battery lease arrangement – you gotta estimate your future mileage for upto 3 years in advance! Very stupid setup indeed.

Besides that,

The very shell requires minimal maintenance to be honest. Good cleaning and yeh, brakes perhaps. 

So all and all, Good luck to the new owner!




And now,
#twizy at the new home! 
“Best travels and epic journeys, L.”

Playtime with OVMS: Open Vehicle Management System

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Day 1. 

Well, better late than never as saying goes.
Ever since Nikki from Transport Evolved has kindly given me the OVMS, I have been a tad lazy me admits in figuring this treasure .
Ps check out the most convenient “all-things EV News Updates” – my personal favourite from Transport Evolved: which Nikki Gordon Bloomfield spearheads on weekly basis.
Anyway, back to the OVMS, here is the original 101 on this very same device –
And more from the folks who make it all happen:
And then, there is me…. trying to add pieces together to make it work. Admittedly slow process on my part, but for the sake of know-how and “sharing is caring” I will post updates on all things setup and configuration as well. Because there is never enough information on the internet. 🙂
For now, here is my “progress”…
I guess let’s see how this plugs into twizy (dry run I suppose)
Why? Because why not and let’s see what interesting stats and info my twizy reveals.

My mech here done me a solid and I got brakes done this morning! Woop woop. Next: OMVS read for regent upgrade perhaps. #whynot

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Blown fuse on my twizy: fixed

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Found it. 

Replaced the fuse. 
(That 12v USB socket works now powering my Bluetooth Speaker set) – music on the road now.

Problem Fixed.

Non invasive/destructive quick #Twizy LED Headlight installation

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Hi all,

I finally decided to go all LED and bought “Super Bright A336 – LED Headlights – 12V/36w/3300Lumens”

LED H4 6000K 36W

Having seen some YouTube videos and other folks’/ helpful FYI snaps on the matter, I was vary doing anything destructive during LED lights installations since there were not “ideal” fit.

Still, in my attempt to fit these as best I could I wanted to maintain a good seal for Headlight install, to avoid any issues.

Here are my snaps for helpful reference. Hopes this helps,encourages others to go with upgrade.

More Bright light and less power consumption is a good win.


All nice and ready. H4 LEDs but H7 still traditional


Old bulb


my contraption – no destcructive.


The trip is to use existing gaps in the lid – putting through 3 (as there are only 3 such equally spaced gaps) 3 cable ties. Then you collectively tighten all three at the top of the cooling lid of the lamp. tighten areas as necessary to ensure its good hold, but dont over do it.



LED installed. External view


Pre side-lights conversion to LEDs. High beams on. Comparison LED right to traditional bulb on left.


Noting down details of the side light bulb


The green rubbery seal band needs to be rolled further down to make a new, good deal


Measuring the bulb fitting nuances, planning my fit.


Important: this seal will be of good use. Carefully roll it down.


This is how the LED fitting sits best. It’s time to work out how to secure it well without cutting away anything off original fitting. Cable tie time!



And a day or two later, then… it was time to complete LED fit-out… side lights (daytime running)

The side lights.


Traditional for LED T10 5w LED lights


LED lights in action.


Added SafeGo T10 Led’s for sidelights

Safego T10 LED White 10-SMD 7020 T10 W5W LED Bulbs

That’s it. Cold and Rain Season: #twizy windows are so back on.

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Last year I have braved the cold and the rain without the windows are with the windows in my Renault twizy.

These were good times bad times and just plain wrong times – when you sit in traffic and get side torrential rain slapped.

Naturally there is plenty of gear you can wear like you would on the bicycle or if a pedestrian. Plenty. 

But once in a twizy And driving at speed, you are often much thankful for the decent windscreen-shield which tends to do a decent job protecting you from the elements(but never the rear passenger), – it’s the traffic and slow moving ado which gets you caught out.

So, to protect my gear at the back seat: my bag, laptop and what was …a dry gym kit, windows are back on.

I may even dress down a little – a proper raincoat is no longer mandatory! And finally, yes, I can leave the gym bag in the twizy – both due to improved security as well as protection from the elements!

Lexan Twizy windows snaps!




Twizy charge cover/lid/flap fix: no more weak joins and broken covers (hope) read more…

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Like some of you fellow daily twizy commuters and “EV-mileage-clockers”, I too have had experience mixed experience with this flipping* flap, which has already come off clean in the past.
The joins onto which the cover is joined(heat-pressed?) Are thin, so with such small surface area, the daily usage does tend to simply ends up with you holding your charge flap in your hand one day as it comes clean off. That’s the good scenario – unlike the scenario where it forms off mid-driving. 

Last such flap-repaid I have done “by the book” – evidently this design eventual fault is a result of poor testing(twizy is indeed one of the kind) and so such not-fit-for-purpose flap should simply be replaced under warranty. And so it was.

Sad thing is, it was replaced by the very same design of the flap.#palmface

I have informed Renault of this snag and made my recommendation. So the fact that “no one has reported this issue before” (in the uk) tallies with the fact that I’m only has less than 1000 of these twizys in Total. And I doubt most even get high mileage, this regular charging – regular use case of opening, closing the charging cover simply isn’t happening on naughty frequency and volume, enough to warrant any sensible level of “complaint”, which is to cause a knee-jerk reaction for Renault to do anything about. #anotherFacePalm

So, where are we today? Well, for the second time  …. Charging flap, lid, plastic cover, – whatever you call it, – broken clean off.

This time, thanks to keen fellow #Twizy owner’s advice, it was time to remedy this issue once and for all, by getting some DIY permanent fix to this snag. Once and for all.

There are videos on these alternative repairs and I suppose everyone has their way of doing things. 

What I found, is essentially, it’s quite easily salvageable. 

Here is my DIY repair process:

  • Remove the whole cover(well, the remaining base really), held down by 4 torx screws.
  • You will see the thing metal rods holding the plastic remnrants of pivots if you can call them that. Pull the rods out to take out the useless Z-wire.
  • Put the rides back with those plastic “ex-brackets” back on.
  • Note that if you turn the remaining brackets further back, it could sit flush with the cover again.
  • Measure, measure, measure (centre of each bracket, and nail through or drill a guide hole right through each the bracket and then the cover, on both sides.
  • What I realised is that those torx screw(black) would do the ideal job holding this all together well enough (it’s all plastic afterall). Use the short torx screws to keep the lid in place.
  • Find other torx screws to make up the 4 required to attach the whole setup back onto twizy.
  • Have beer and admire your work.

Note that no-one knows how successful my fix will be in the long long run. It works nice, it’s good and I will be sure to post any updates for anything what goes amiss.

The video mentioned prior (thanks Christian! @cTwizy ) does use bolts and nuts to hold this lid to the those plastic brackets. It may be an even better option, but I could not source black(ideally) bolts and nuts and washers just yet, and last thing I wanted to do is lose the cover/lid since I drive-ride my twizy daily.

Maybe once I source the necessary bits to get this redone at a later date, but for now, this feels study and works well.

So hope this post have been useful!

Live and tell!

A year with a twizy: London commuting and convenience travel about town

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It has now creeped over a year since I have owner my Renault Twizy.

So quick stats

Since day One; I have opted for 7500miles/year battery rental agreement,- with includes recovery assistance.

My daily commute works out roughly 25miles a day.

I have had (and since sold) twizy Windows by renault(flappy ones) and have bought lexan Windows (sturdy ones which cover all the way to the back of the door-curve.
Better security. Better protection from the elements.

I installed this #TAQSI Bluetooth sound systemic the twizy, so I can now have my favourite weekender playlist on my rides about town.

Best twizy related ado is the marketing wrap and events I have done for some folks which sort of pre-paid my battery rental for a year. So this £53/month battery fee, has not really been felt on my pocket. So “yey” there.

Daily commuting, even shopping, pick-ups and drop-offs – (friends and family members who wanted to endure a tandem ride) was actually quite an interesting development. Didn’t expect to do people collect/drops all that often.

I have however truly enjoyed two things:

Incredibly cheap cost of driving. 6.1kwh battery pack that is, costs about £0.70 with my home electricity tariff. Considering my commute does get work/based charging (top up really, 1.5hours and I’m good) and places about London – not sure if I even should count that expense.

Did I mention the charging? Well, 3 hours 0-100% to charge this beast is ridiculous.

I top up when I get to work (11-12miles later) that takes just over a hour, no thanks to my merry-zealous driving style in the morning. But you get the picture. Cost of driving fuel is near-nil.

So far some snags with the twizy were sorted by warranty, but at large I found the costs of twizy servicing and parts pretty sensible. I think a new tyre is £43, so you get an idea. Couple that with free health checks you get time to time with my dealer and it’s a good deal all round.

My range
Being me, i have been very pedantic with my range counting just like many other EV owners out there. Pushing my twizy best I could with all sort of driving styles.

I think I managed 42miles range. Half range driven with a passenger! So I’m content on that note.

Sure, winter, temperature as well as Driving style makes a difference. So common EV sense approach works and the range is the similar today as last year, although feels like it’s 1-2 miles less on the range estimate.

Had battery electronics checked by Renault, these folks given me 100% healthy report. Much like yourself, I’m finding that 100% figure incredibly dubious and naive, providing that it’s a 4 year old battery, so there is bound to be some form of degradation, – alas it’s not significant enough to warrant any serious exploration on my part. You see, battery rental is there to deal with any of battery related issues – it’s a separate product – warranty – so it’s “not my problem”, so to speak. Good. So far so good.

One of serious twizy benefits – size!

I can fit twizy in my drive and then fit a Nissan Leaf right behind it. If it’s a BMW i3 I need to fit on the same drive instead, – all the easier. Parking at most notorious parking black spots, from obscure and awkward to downright impossible by conventional car means, with a twizy, I can hop in, pop to the high street bakery in the morning, and be back home in guaranteed 10 minutes or less.

Very impressive. Parking is not an issue.

There is a snag, whereby your twizy is not a car but not a bike either, so overtaking stationary one-way traffic – common sense – not possible. Maybe for for a short break? Anyway. Drive. Park. Go.

There are also, as discovered, a lot of custom mods available and developed for twizy electric – from external rear storage  to speed (ECU) mods, enabling you to turn up the power spec the twizy. Currently it’s limited to 50MPH, and say you wanted to go 60MPH – you can.subject to insurance cover and warranty alike but if you want it – you can have it.

Weather proofing. You know, like most, I have had Windows on, even at the spec of rain. And it was good. Especially during winter and winter freezing chills. But eventually, I found them too big, to unwieldy and unnecessary for commutes. Sacrificing convenience of free access to my twizy and even a casual QnA chat about my twizy ride with a fellow traffic-stuck driver in the lane next to me… I missed that. With Windows on, it’s not the same.

Besides. So far I am yet to be rained on, soaked so, when it’s raining so bad. With heaviest downpours here and there at odd occurrence a year, hmm…. Debatable. In my Personal humble opinion, winter months, sure, keep Windows fitted, come Feb-March, take them off.
Conclusion to date
if you need a daily commuter and your work has a lack of parking spaces, or you dont like the idea of
riding a bike, for mostly short distances, TWIZY is your thing.

Ps mine is still for sale. Holla me on Twitter or email me on iam[at]

[img] Messy way to charge your car: hope it’s a one-off. 

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Typically charges are well tested to get o confirm to well known and relied-upon standards. But the issue I experienced is not with he unit per se, but acceptable plug dimensions.

You see, in my, Twizy charging joy – plug comes straight out the charging port – there is “only one”, as you may say, yet it is sized tad bulkier than what the replaceable plugs you may find, say at the kettle unit. For durability: wear and tear purposes, the charging unit does not support it.

In my case; original twizy plug didn’t plug in all the way, due to the extra bulk on the [particularly] width of the charging plug. This in turn would not let the pod close. This, in turn would not initiate the charging cycle. #fail.Luckily, a fellow EV driver did mention the issue in the past (which went in one ear and out the other with me – sorry) not that it was very helpful at that very point even if I realise what’s pears and what’s apples at time.

Luck has it, my trusty and emergency extension lead. You never know… Sorted the trick. See “after” photos with the White plug. That sorted it.

But it did leave the twizy being on charge in a very peculiar state of “look-like”…a mess.

Anyways, little birdie tells me these charging units (pod point?) are OEL? Will confirm. I also see new simikar(upgraded units being fitted about town, replacing both faulty and other units (which I used in the past without a hiccup) due to a possible support contract re-negotiation with Bollore(Source London)

Live and see. Comments? Leave below or DM. Otherwise do share along.

London: where should I #twizy #twizy ride #EV #zeroEmissiontoday- no #commute day :)

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It’s a gorgeous #London Sunday – where should I #twizy #twizy ride #EV #zeroEmissiontoday- no #commute today 🙂

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