Electric Result: Tesla Model S With 60 kWh Battery Rated at 208-Mile Range

December 10th, 2012 Comments Off on Electric Result: Tesla Model S With 60 kWh Battery Rated at 208-Mile Range

The EPAUS: New Ford Fusion Energi Delivers 620-Mile Range, 21 in EV Mode; Beats Honda Accord, Toyota Prius PHEVs. Read more ... » last week released the officially efficiency and rangeToo good to not* mention: Volvo Plugin (#ev hybrid) V60 - 49g/km CO2 and nearly 150mpg in Hybrid, while Power can deliver 0-62mph in just 6.2 seconds!. Read more ... » numbers for the mid-level 60Nissan claims the world’s largest electric taxi fleet deal with 110 new LEAF 30 kWh in Madrid. Read more ... »-kWh version of the TeslaTesla keen to set up UK research and development facility. Read more ... » Model SFinally : A Tesla Model S Test Drive by evmeerkat #electricCar London Ride. Read more ... ». Though Tesla was gunning for a rating of 230 milesCheapest Tesla Model S UK Lease £610.54/mth, 9+47 8k Miles/annum deal! via www.leasing.london. Read more ... », the EPA##Q##s testVauxhall Ampera #EV Hybrid (range extender) EV average ~ 158mpg in town. Read more ... » results assigned 208 miles as the official numberBMW i3 electric car to debut at London’s free-to-visit motor show. Read more ... ». That##Q##s 57When VW unveils e-Up #ElectricCar ... Release scheduled for 2013. Read more ... » miles less than the 85Nissan Pushes UK Government For EV-Specific Road Signs. Read more ... »-kWh version of the ModelLEAF #ev #electricCar Test Drive user experience and Personal Review. Read more ... » S.

In terms of efficiency, the 60-kWh version of the Model S outperforms it##Q##s 85-kWh sibling with an official EPA rating of 95 MPGe versus 89#ev proud: Scotland hosts first electric car rally. Read more ... » MPGe. The EPA says that the 60-kWh version uses 352017 Gen: Audi's upcoming electric car does 280 miles on a single charge. Read more ... » kWh to cover 100 miles, comparedLEAF #ev #electricCar Test Drive user experience and Personal Review. Read more ... » to 38Battery Breakthrough To Boost Nissan Electric Cars To One In 10 Sales Around 2020, Exec Says. Read more ... » kWh for the 85-kWh Model S.

A side-by-side comparison of the 60 and 85-kWh versions of the Tesla Model SMitsubishi Outlander PHEV Is Europe’s Best Selling #ev PlugIn Vehicle #PHEV. Read more ... ».

There##Q##s still one version, the base 402017: Next Nissan LEAF (mk3) to get a more 'mainstream' look & bigger capacity battery 300km/180miles?. Read more ... »-kWh Model S, that has not been tested by the EPA. Tesla expects this version to return 160 miles of range, but judging by the previous discrepancies between Tesla##Q##s estimates and the EPA official figures, the official number will fall short by 10New electric cars coming for 2018 onwards. Read more ... » miles or so.

The 85-kWh version of the Model S, starting at $69Electric: BMW says next electric i car in “final stages”. Read more ... »,900 after incentivesHope Its True: 40% Cut In UK Oil Imports From EVs?. Read more ... », is available now. The 60-kWh Model S, with a base level priceSo why Am I looking to buy a used Twizy? No, I'm not crazy. Read more ... » of $59Here's Everything We Know About Volkswagen's (Not So!) "First" Electric Car. Read more ... »,900, is expected to enter the production in January, with deliveries scheduled to commence about one month later. Finally, the arrival of the base-level 40-kWh version, beginning at $49Step closer: 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Now In Production. Read more ... »,900 after incentives, is tentatively set for late March to early April. All Tesla pricing will slightly increase beginning in 013.

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