I have a third #electricVehicle now! #oneWheel #ev #lastMile

March 22nd, 2017 Comments Off on I have a third #electricVehicle now! #oneWheel #ev #lastMile

It happened.


After much thinking and musing my mellow mood on missing out on oneWheelRT PETITION: Allow Electric scooters/skateboards on pavements and streets in the UK - Sign here https://goo.gl/dZtqgm. Read more ... »+ delivery schedule I decided to go and nip it in the bud.
Tried it. 
Bought it.
Not the oneWheel+ (latest most) but rather the classic proven&strayed, legendary current modelLaunching new EV Leasing Specialist Form: Getting you that Latest and Greatest EV Leasing Deal. Read more ... ». If anything, I will probably pick the + version once I learn this one through and pass this down to my wife (I hope) as it always more fun sharing the ride with someone, Else it’s nearly impossible to explain what it’s like. 
So be prepared to be spammed with my posts re this sublime electricErm, good luck: Southern goes electric – encouraging car park users to plug in while they take the train. Read more ... » “zeroEmission” ride-surf!
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