Non invasive/destructive quick #Twizy LED Headlight installation

November 10th, 2016 Comments Off on Non invasive/destructive quick #Twizy LED Headlight installation

Hi all,

I finally decided to go all LEDe-up! The Future is Electric From £19,525. Read more ... » and bought “Super Bright A336 – LED Headlights – 12V/36w/3300Lumens”

LED H4 6000K 36W

Having seen some YouTube videos and other folks’/ helpful FYI snaps on the matter, I was vary doing anything destructive during LED lights installations since there were not “ideal” fit.

Still, in my attempt to fit these as best I could I wanted to maintain a goodFrankfurt: New Plug-in BMW X5 xDrive40e PHEV. Read more ... » seal for Headlight install, to avoid any issues.

Here are my snaps for helpful reference. Hopes this helps,encourages others to go with upgradeGetting Tesla Model S: Costs Comparison Lease Vs New Vs PreOwned options. Read more ... ».

More Bright light and less powerHere's Everything We Know About Volkswagen's (Not So!) "First" Electric Car. Read more ... » consumptionFrankfurt: New Plug-in BMW X5 xDrive40e PHEV. Read more ... » is a good win.


All nice and ready. H4 LEDs but H7 still traditional


Old bulb


my contraption – no destcructive.


The tripInfographic: Cold Weather Fuel Efficiency – Electric VS Petrol performance comparison. Read more ... » is to useAmazed: UK To Test Wireless Charging Lanes For Electric Cars. Read more ... » existing gaps in the lid – putting through 3One in Four Would Consider Buying an Electric Car. Read more ... » (as there are only 3 such equally spaced gaps) 3 cableFast charging. 7kw, 32A charging cable option. Read more ... » ties. Then you collectively tighten all three at the top of the cooling lid of the lamp. tighten areas as necessary to ensure its good hold, but dontTrip to Scotney Castle (National Trust). Read more ... » over do it.



LED installed. External view


Noting down details of the side light bulb


Important: this seal will be of good use. Carefully roll it down.


This is how the LED fitting sits best. It’s timeBudget 2015: new road repair fund and car tax overhaul. Read more ... » to workCar Loan 4U finance first Mia electric car in the UK. Read more ... » out how to secure it well without cutting away anything off original fitting. Cable tie time!

And a dayAn #EV Drive to [The #EV hole of] Essex... for the very last time [READ]. Read more ... » or two later, then… it was time to complete LED fit-out… side lights (daytime running)

The side lights.


Traditional for LED T10 5w LED lights


LED lights in action.


Added SafeGo T10 Led’s for sidelights

Safego T10 LED White 10-SMD 7020 T10 W5W LED Bulbs

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