“Reservations for Model 3 begin on March 31st worldwide”

March 24th, 2016 Comments Off on “Reservations for Model 3 begin on March 31st worldwide”

Reservations...Some Secrets We Think We Know About Tesla's Model 3. Read more ... » for ModelBMW battery facelift to 2017 i3 model. Read more ... » 3European cross-continent drive in Tesla Model S soon to be reality. Read more ... » begin on March 31st worldwideList of modern PEV automobiles, pickups, vans and SUVs commercially produced from 1970. Read more ... ».

There are two ways to make a reservation.

The first, which will allow you to get a better spot in the queue, is to visit your local Tesla#Unbelievable #electricCar #ev #Tesla’s $102,000 Battery-Powered Model S Surges Like a Supercar. Read more ... » store when it opens on March 31st. Second is to make a reservation online at Tesla.com when the live unveil starts at 8Battery Breakthrough To Boost Nissan Electric Cars To One In 10 Sales Around 2020, Exec Says. Read more ... »:30pm PDT.

Tesla Model 3 launch


We’re excited to share more details about our Model 3And so it begins: Affordable Tesla announced "Accelerating Sustainable Transport". Read more ... » unveil plans. We’ll be live streaming the event on Tesla.com beginning at 8.30pm PDT on March 31Tough but gotta be done: Netherlands may ban sale of non-electric cars by 2025. Read more ... ». Tune in to join in the experienceNissan turns over a new LEAF: Japanese manufacturer unveils its redesigned electric car which promises to end 'range anxiety'. Read more ... ».

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