So what’s the update with citroen electric car cheeky collection fees?

August 17th, 2015 Comments Off on So what’s the update with citroen electric car cheeky collection fees?

As i have recently posted up. Citroen Czero lease has expired, and as so, it’s been inspected and now collected.

But not before “someone” Manheim Collection ServicesThames Valley to join UK electric car vision. Read more ... » / CitroenHyundai Ioniq Hatchback #electricCar £365/month on 3+35mth term. Read more ... » attempted to levy inspection and collection charges (ironically listed in DAMAGES section in my inspection report)

I was not certain whether to laugh or cry as this surely is a accidental mistake. Collection/Inspection fees are to no benefit to the customer. not mentioned once anywhere. i checked.

SoWhy Drive an Electric Car. Read more ... », like any average person who does not feel like parting with hard earned money just-because-they-said-so, i disagreed with the charges. These notes were clearly made in the final report.

Late last week, however, I received a letter1st jan 2013.Car rental company Hertz Corp. signed a letter of intent to add Renault’s electric vehicles to its European fleet.. Read more ... » from Citroen, ignoring any of my commentsMarch 2015 Cheapest Electric Car Lease Deal: Nissan Leaf Acenta on 3+35 term, 10k/a £299/mth. Read more ... »/amends/disagreements prior, and bluntly requesting the full figure, including inspection/collection fees, which alone rounds up to just over £300!

Does anyone read the paperwork anymore, or is it automated to the pointHow much I've saved in petrol/diesel fuel cost while driving an electric Nissan Leaf? . Read more ... » of utter #fail ?

Here is the letter from citroen leasingTesla Motors - Financing Option is here. #electricCar #ev leasing scheme. Read more ... »;

Citroen Leasing requests full (incorrect) final figure which includes Inspection/Collection fees!

Talk about #confidence, eh?

This was immediately raised with Citroen Team on Social MediaWhat with all Electric Car Charging points "lack of use" bashing on the Media. Here is what I think on this... (Draft). Read more ... », which prompted a swift Customer Servicea Day at BetterPlace Visitor Centre. Read more ... » response (kudos for that). Honestly, I gotta say that I don’t typically have any axe to grind with These Guys.

I actually LIKE Citroen.

DS5What is this Hybrid all about? Hands-on User Experience of Citroen DS5 - #green #hybrid #citroen. Read more ... » is a gorgeous looking carHyundai Ioniq Hatchback #electricCar £365/month on 3+35mth term. Read more ... » and a pleasure to driveLEAF #ev #electricCar Test Drive user experience and Personal Review. Read more ... » in fact. But This latest experienceHyundai Ioniq Hatchback #electricCar £365/month on 3+35mth term. Read more ... » is… well… leaves more to be hoped for.

Well, MORE UPDATES as this develops further.


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