So Why Drive an Electric Car?


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SoEcotricity's Electric Highway Grid in UK is to grow and cover entire UK motorway network. Read more ... » the story is – I have upgraded from my automatic petrolFinally : A Tesla Model S Test Drive by evmeerkat #electricCar London Ride. Read more ... » (35mpg) to an electricIf everything ran on Gas, or if it didn't... Nissan Leaf Car TV Commercial. Read more ... » carIf everything ran on Gas, or if it didn't... Nissan Leaf Car TV Commercial. Read more ... » [Leasing], some near 2Electric Car Nissan #LEAF for 199+vat/month Special Offer. Read more ... » years ago. And I have Never looked back.

Some “minor” yet useful benefits:

Then, There’s The Maths, – READ MORE.


As one gentleman once rightly said, “Electric Car is not for everyone, it is only able to satisfy the needs of some 90% of the drivingTrip to Scotney Castle (National Trust). Read more ... » population“. If thats not true, thats damn close

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PSTrip to Scotney Castle (National Trust). Read more ... ». I personally researchElectric Car ownership Survey: Preliminary data post, read more... #getInvolved #fillSurvey #ev #research. Read more ... » the best Deals, so you are guaranteed to get the best dealStill The Cheapest Electric Car Lease: Nissan Leaf Acenta (2014 & premium trim) Deal. Read more ... » for your money. This is independent of the dealer#Nissan #LEAF @ £233.99/mth 2 yr #lease deal. 3+23. 10,000miles/annum. #fantastic #deal 22Apr 2013 #electricCar. Read more ... », but my personal mission. If you know there is a goodBrent South Retail Park has Fast 32A 7KW Charging Location. Thanks!. Read more ... » dealCheapest UK #EV Lease - Nissan #Leaf Visia 3+35 10k/annum deal. #electricCar. Read more ... » around – get in touch, after all iam[at] – www.leasing.londonMarch 2015 Cheapest Electric Car Lease Deal: Nissan Leaf Visia on 3+35 term, 8k/a £253.20/mth. Read more ... »