Cheapest small #EV lease: Citroen C Zero Special 159+vat/m Offer

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2th January 2013.


Interesting offer? I bet.

Green aspect is very important, but food on the table is even more so. So when is say this lease starts to make sense. It really does.

I have been following the EV developments for a year now, and glad to see prices have gone down enough for me to take this head-on and get this car.

Afterall, I signed up for the very same one. I figured that VW Polo i had drinks about the same amount of fuel a per month as this lease!

My personal insurance with 0 NCB (always named driver) with 1 accident 3 years ago fallen by £500. Thanks to PlugInsure! These cars are category “classical”, which essentially means EV owners are typically safer drivers. and we are! the more “edgy” driving style the less miles you get! so you adapt your driving to “smooth” to get the most from this electric car.

Another thing. it is new and shiny and im sure very huggable but lets face it, its not a chick-magnet. Not that my wife would particularly approve of that.

Other benefits of going EV;

  • no tax
  • no congestion charges
  • free parking (when you charge)
  • free electricity (source London). More charging points to be added from current 800s to 1300 by spring next year, according to the Source-london.

With 1300 charge points by 2013 in locations across the Capital Source London will put us firmly on the road towards making London the electric vehicle Capital of Europe. With our new greener fleet and refuelling station opening up to the public, we will help to reduce air pollution and decrease the need for fossil fuels. This not only saves money for the council but will also greatly improve air quality, tackle climate change and enhance the borough’s environment.”

Lease. Why lease?

Reason one.

Its simples really. I put it this way. cost of EV lease-ownership? with THIS deal, its the same as my petrol costs a month. And i get a new car.

It is very cheap as-is.

Reason two. as this originally priced at “33k EV, which you get for 21k with grants and discounts”, is depreciating over the years of ownership. All new cars do.

You don##Q##t have to care. Its a leasecar is not yours, you use it. and you give it back.

In fact, i would point one feature further. Its a gadget. and Just like a gadget seasons, the NEW one will come out with better range and better performance after this lease##Q##s lifetime.

Tech. So if you would have bought this car for 33k, or even 20k. not only you would have lost on depreciation 10k, but this “ev gadget” would be out-of-date when new cars come out with 300miles range, and thus further loose on any potential resale value to further half the amount…

Battery. You get all the perks of new car. warranty is inclusive without a blink. if you would have owned this car. after 3 years, manufacturers says batteries “die” to hold some 80% of the original battery charge. Just like any battery. its true. But Electric Car batteries are expensive! Lease option means you enjoy the benefits and no pain!


Technical specification 
Range (on paper): 93 Miles

Vehicle type: 4 Seat Car
Top Speed: 81 MPH
Battery Capacity: 16 KWH
Energy Consumption
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Battery warranty:5 years


Interested? Whats next!?

There is a limited number of them available still, and i dont know how long this works for, fill the form and lets get my colleague at dealership to give you a call and send you the latest PDF info pack

Please fill the form to receive the full PDF pack with this offer and Dealer to get in touch with you.

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