London Commuting: #ElectricCar #twizy for sale with a private plate “TW11ZY” – London – £3700 – DM :)

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Contact via Twitter: @evmeerkat or email: iam[at]

Owner says:

It’s a 2012 white Twizy with doors and LEXON hard windows,

it comes with the PRIVATE TWIZY plate TW11ZY – I have been pestered for this plate as every Twizy owner wants it,

The plate can be sold between £1000 – £2000 to the right person Im giving it away with the car!!!!!

…so for someone looking this is ideal, its had new brakes recently and a 2015 charging unit fitted as the old charging units had a fault.

To me it the nicest Twizy available especially with the number plate, a real head turner looking for around £3999

Im currently in the West End or IG10 Loughton so if anyone interested please let me know.

One full charge takes 3 hours which gives you a range of 40 – 50 miles

Free parking in Westminster and surrounding areas,


How many Renault Twizy ‘s #ev are left in the wild?

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As i am trying to source a Renault Twizy Loan to roam around london promoting this magical commuter alternative to passer-by’s, I am yet to actualy, well, source one.

I dont know if i am underestimating the sales, (doubt that) or they are simply all over the place and people are holding onto-them, (again, doubt so) or finally, if there is supply issue. (hmm, lets look into that)

So, i hopped onto website as recommended by my fellow twitter-ers out there.
How Many Left Recommendation for Renault Twizy check

And it really turns out that, there genuienly not, that, many of Renault Twizy’s around. Mostly STOCK from 2012.

So what happened there? Lets look into details:

Renault Twizy Urban And Technic Model registrations for each year since release until now








So, I suppose the question to ask:

What happened to Twizy Lifestyle that Renault is aims to promote

Registrations spiked in the release year, as a result of good promotions/preorder/leases, and then it slows down to a trickle.

Are Twizy’s right to fullfill that aimed “lifestyle”, as renault sees it, or does it need to be adjusted.

From a different angle, at 7k-8k for a brand new spanking Twizy, – are they simply too expensive… for a quad bike, considering the Batteries are “not included”. They start from £40 odd a month/for 4,500miles/year range.

I personally think that they are great for urban areas (as long as they are not abused – having unsecured cabin access hinders that)

But i also believe they are not marketed enough, well, and may have a wrong price tag.

Afterall, I am a firm believer of “economies of scale” and having a few for expensive price tag sold is not as good as have quite a few sold for a cheaper price tag. (never mind additional battery lease contracts arranged)

I am thinking out loud. Let me know your thoughts.


2017 Gen: Audi’s upcoming electric car does 280 miles on a single charge

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Audi has an all-electric car going into production, and according to technical development chief Ulrich Hackenberg, it’ll arrive sometime around 2017.

Apparently Audi’s latest electric project will benefit from some typically efficient German engineering, allegedly doing 280 miles on a single charge.
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Sales of Battery Electric Cars In France Rose By 50% in 2013

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Electric car sales have been on the rise in most markets for a few years in a row. » Read the rest of this entry «

USA: 2014 Nissan Leaf will get smallest of upgrades compared to 2013

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The updated 2013 Nissan Leaf is not yet that long in the tooth, but Nissan has already revealed how it is going to improve the 2014 model. We should make clear from the get-go that upgrades are minor. Very, very minor.

Basically, the RearView Monitor, which was previously part of the Charge Package, is now standard on all grades and the updated EV-IT functionality that offers a voice commanded nav system to enter your destination and an SMS readout is now available on all models (trim lines S, SV and SL). The 2014 will be available in October. You can find the Leaf-specific parts of Nissan’s press release about the 2014 changes below.

It makes some sense to leave things as they are, since production at the Smyrna, TN plant has not ramped up quick enough to keep pace with demand. Nissan has said it will be able to make 150,000 Leaf EVs a year there, but the current US demand of around 2,200 a month enough to drop inventory levels to, in some cases, just a nine-day supply. While Nissan did make some important changes to the 2013 MY compared to the 2012, they were mostly under the hood. You can read about them in our First Drive report.

Demand for solar is growing globally, with the total number of gigawatts expected at 29.8 in 2012 to 50.8 gigawatts in 2016

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BMW i3 Coupe Concept is the newest in LifeDrive “stream flow” design

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…This is the BMW i3 Coupe Concept, a sharpened take on all of the acronymous innovations wrought by four-door BMW i3 Concept: “stream flow” design wrapping its LifeDrive architecture and Life Module cabin.

Presenting an evolved future beyond the already-futuristic four-door i3 Concept, the i3 Coupe Concept is a case of meticulous design and technological detail, hitting notes like anthracite-coloured kenaf fiber for the door support panels, three modes of sustainable driving and more advanced ways to calculate its route and range.

Its range is 100 miles, and for the BMW purists, the i3 Coupe Concept pushes its 170 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels. …



#Charging #ElectricCar: CHAdeMO quick-chargers increase to 2000 units in 2012

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Japan-based CHAdeMO has installed about 1133 quick-chargers for electric vehicles (EV) in 012 across the globe, bringing the total number of chargers equipped to over 2000 units in the past two years.


Introduced in 2009, the quick-chargers are claimed by the company to recharge the EV batteries in minutes rather than hours.

CHAdeMO president Toshiyuki Shiga said that one year ago there were around 1,000 quick-chargers in the world, but most of those were in Japan.
“Today, we have more than 2,000 CHAdeMO quick-chargers in place in Europe and the US as well as Japan.”

“And plans are in place to more than double this figure again, above 4,000, by the end of 013,” Shiga added.

The CHAdeMO compatible EV models include the Nissan LEAF, Peugeot Partner Electric, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Citroën C-Zero, and Toyota EQ.

The CHAdeMO association was founded in 2010 and manufactures the quick-charger that generates and supplies 50kW of high voltage direct current (DC) through a safety approved connector with specification that can go up to 100kW.

#electricVehicle #ElectricCar – Plug-in electric cars in pre-production and testing (2009-2014)

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List of modern PEV automobiles, pickups, vans and SUVs
in field testing and pre-production
Model Type
Original MRSP(2)
/Lease per month
(current $)
(EV mode
for PHEVs)
PEVs currently undergoing field testing or demonstration programs
Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid
Not available
30 mi (48 km)
Field testing with 20 units began in 2009 with utility company fleets in the U.S. and Canada.[176]
Volvo V70 Plug-in Hybrid
Not available
20 to 30 km (12 to 19 mi)
Field testing with two demonstrators in Göteborg, Sweden since December 2009.[177] Sales of a series production diesel-electric plug-in hybrid scheduled as early as 012.[178]
Suzuki Swift Plug-in
¥2 million
30 km (19 mi)
Field testing with 60 units in Japan scheduled for late 2010.[179]Sales are slated for 013.[180]
Audi A1 e-tron
Not available
31 mi (50 km)
Field testing planned for late 2010 with 20 units in Munich.[181]
Hyundai BlueOn
Not available
86 mi (138 km)
Field testing with 30 units in South Korea by late 2010. Sales scheduled by late 012 limited to domestic market.[182]
Tata Indica Vista EV
110 mi (180 km)
Field testing in the West Midlands began in April 2011 with 25 units. Market launch in the UK was scheduled for mid 2011 and postponed. Demonstration program in the UK will continue with Tata employees.[184][185]
Dodge Ram 1500 Plug-in Hybrid
Not available
20 mi (32 km)
Field testing in the United States with 140 units began in 2011 with local and state governments, utility companies, and a U.S. Army base. This is a demonstration program only, and Chrysler has no plans for a production version.[186][187]
In September 012 Chrysler halted the program and recalled all 109 units deployed at the time due to damage sustained by three separate pickup trucks when their 12.9-kilowatt-hour battery packs overheated. The carmaker plans to upgrade the battery packs with cells that use a different lithium-ion chemistry before the vehicles go back on service.[188]
Mercedes A-Class E-Cell
Leasing only
(pricing not available)
124.3 mi (200 km)
Demonstration program with 500 cars was scheduled to begin in September 2011 in several European countries, includingGermanyFrance, and the Netherlands.[189][190]
Volkswagen Golf blue-e-motion
Not available
150 km (93 mi)
Field testing planned with 500 units.[191] The first 10 units began field testing in Wolfsburg in May 2011.[192] A second batch of 80 test cars began testing in mid-2011 in Berlin,Hannover and Wolfsburg.[193] In February 012, field testing began in California, and a total of 20 eGolfs will be allocated to the U.S. test program.[194] Sales are scheduled for 014.[195]
Volkswagen Golf Variant Twin Drive
Not available
57 km (35 mi)
Field testing with 20 research vehicles began in early 2011.[196] Production is expected for 2015.[197]
Chrysler Town & Country plug-in hybrid
Not available
30 mi (48 km)
A two-year demonstration program with 25 E85 flexible-fuelplug-in minivans began in April 012. The first units were delivered in Auburn Hills, Michigan and Charlotte, North Carolina.[198][199]
The demonstration program was halted in September 012, and Chrysler recalled the 23 units deployed at the time due to damage sustained by three separate Dodge Ram 1500 Plug-in Hybrids participating in a parallel program when their battery packs overheated. The carmaker plans to upgrade the battery packs shared by both vehicles with cells that use a different lithium-ion chemistry before the vehicles go back on service. No minivans were involved in any incidents.[188]
Audi A3 e-tron
Not available
70 to 75 mi (110 to 121 km)
Field testing in the U.S. began by mid 012 with a fleet of 17 all-electric A3s. The testing is conducted among Audi##Q##s engineers and company employees only. Release of a plug-in hybrid version scheduled for 014 in the U.S. and Europe.[200][201]
Saab 9-3 ePower
Not available
200 km (124 mi)
Field testing with 70 ePower demonstrators in Sweden was scheduled for late 2011.[202] It is unknown how many cars were built before the carmaker went bankrupt.[203] The new owners,NEV Sweden, have stated that they intend to start producing the all-electric 9-3 ePower to be launched in China by late 013 or early 014.[204]
Sail Springo EV
RMB 258,000
130 km (81 mi)[205]
A limited number of cars are scheduled to be sold in Shanghaiin 013 as part of a trial program.[205]
Venucia e30
Not available
Not available
Dongfeng Nissan plans to start pilot projects in 15 Chinese cities to promote the Venucia e30 with local governments in 013. The car is scheduled for production in China by 2015, and the e30 shares many features of the Nissan Leaf, including bodywork, dimensions, and electric-drive specifications.[206][207]
156 mi (251 km)
Electric city car was scheduled for mass production in late 2010 or early 2011.[208]
Kia Ray EV
Not available
138 km (86 mi)[209] Production limited to 2,500 units to be delivered in 012 forSouth Korea##Q##s government agencies use.[209]
Scion iQ EV(U.S.)
Toyota eQ (Japan)
¥3.6 million
85 km (53 mi)[211]
Market launch is scheduled in Japan and the U.S. in December 012.[210] Initially Toyota announced that production will be limited to 600 units, with 400 staying in Japan, 100 units destined to the U.S. and another 100 for Europe.[212] In September 012 Toyota announced that the iQ EV/eQ production will be still more limited, to about 100 units for special fleet use in Japan and the U.S. only.[210]
~€14,995 (intercity)
~€9,995 (city)[213]
Intercity100 mi (160 km)
City50 mi (80 km)
Production was scheduled for late 2010 with deliveries slated for early 2011. City version uses lead acid batteries. Prices do not include batteries.[214] The market launch in India was rescheduled for late 012.[215]
Rimac Concept One
310 miles[217]
Production was scheduled for late 013. the car is capable of reaching 190 mph.
Ford Fusion Energi
21 mi (34 km)[219]
U.S. sales scheduled to begin by early 013.[220]
Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid
13 mi (21 km)[221]
Sales scheduled to begin in California and New York on January 15, 013.[221]
Mitsubishi Outlander P-HEV
Not available
55 km (34 mi)[222]
Sales scheduled to begin in the Japanese market in the first half of 013, followed by the European and North American markets later on. The Outlander P-HEV is expected to become the first SUV plug-in hybrid in the market.[222]
Fiat 500e
80 mi (130 km)[224]
The concept version was called 500 Elettra, and the production version, unveiled at the 012 Los Angeles Auto Show, was renamed Fiat 500e.[225] Initially the 500e will be available only in California, with market launch scheduled for 2Q 013.[223]
Chevrolet Spark EV
Not available
Sales are scheduled for 013 in limited quantities and selected global markets, including California, Oregon, Canada and South Korea.[226][227] The production version was unveiled at 012 Los Angeles Auto Show.[228]
Volkswagen e-Up!
Not available
80 mi (130 km)
Market launch is scheduled for 013.[229]
BMW i3
BEV and
PHEV option
~130 to 160 km (80 to 100 mi)
Market launch is scheduled for late 013.[231] A “REx” range extender option will be offered.[232][233]
Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive
Not available
125 mi (201 km)[234]
Sales are scheduled to begin in Europe in 013 and expected to be launched in the U.S. in 014.[234]
Porsche 918 Spyder
15 mi (24 km)[235]
Production scheduled to begin in September 013. Production will be limited to 918 units to be sold as a 014 model year. Car is capable of reaching 100 mph (160 km/h) in all-electric mode.[235]
Cadillac ELR
Not available
40 mi (64 km)
Scheduled for U.S. market launch by late 013 as a 014model year.[236]
BMW i8
More than
35 km (22 mi)[238]
Sales are scheduled to begin in 014.[231]
Tesla Model X
up to
Up to 270 mi (430 km)[239]
Production is scheduled to the end of 013 and deliveries to commence in 014.[239][240]
Fisker Atlantic
Not available
30 mi (48 km)[241]
Production was scheduled for 013, and later postponed for late 014 or 2015.[242]
Notes: PHEVPlug-in hybrid vehicle, BEVBattery electric vehicle or electric car. (1) Plug-in conversions are not included. (2) Sales price does not reflect any government incentives or tax credits.

USA: GM’s Mark Reuss: Next-gen Chevy Volt will be “thousands of dollars” cheaper (2013)

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Following the news of the massive price drop for the Nissan Leaf, hearing GM North America President Mark Reuss tell the media that GM will take out “thousands of dollars” from the next-generation Chevrolet Volt isn##Q##t exactly a surprise. In fact, we##Q##ve known for a long time that plug-in cars will get cheaper and cheaper as the technology evolved. It##Q##s just nice to hear a GM bigwig sing it loudly for the press.

Speaking at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit this week, Reuss said that the reduced costs will be the result of better battery pack design and better electric motors. This will help the next Volt, obviously, but Reuss went further and said, “We will see the day when we have an affordable electric car that offers 300 miles of range with all the comfort and utility of a conventional vehicle.”

The Volt sold a total of 23,461 units in 2012, despite taking a political shellacking during the presidential campaign (and before). Reuss said the plug-in hybrid is “going to sell even more, and the next generation will be even better.” We don##Q##t know yet exactly what it##Q##s going to look like, but we have heard it will be “a little more monochromatic, a little more road-hugging.”

GM##Q##s plug-in vehicle strategy includes not only updating the Volt but also the all-electric Chevy Spark and the just-revealed (in production form) Cadillac ELR. All told, GM is getting ready to sell 500,000 electrified vehicles by 2017, but that number includes non-plug-in vehicles like those with eAssist. If prices keep dropping the way Reuss implies, 500,000 shouldn##Q##t be too high a hurdle.

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