32A 5Meter Charging Cable – £165! – J1772 to Type2 – suits Leaf, PHEV Outlander/Prius and Others

32A 5M Charging Cable J1772 to Type 2 32A 5M Charging Cable J1772 to Type 2Premium Charging Cable 32A/5m with Carry Bag for Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Toyota Prius PHEV, Renault Fluence ZE, Kia Soul EV, Citroen C-Zero, Vauxhall Ampera, Mitsubishi i-Miev. 7.2kW Type1 (J1772) to Type2

Ford starts manufacturing of Focus Electric in Germany

US-based automobile manufacturer Ford Motor has commenced production of its first full-electric vehicle to be built in Europe, the new Focus Electric in Saarlouis, Germany.

Ford Focus Electric

The move follows the company‘s investment of EUR16m to integrate Focus Electric production directly into its production line at Saarlouis in order to increase production to address the increasing market demand. Continue reading Ford starts manufacturing of Focus Electric in Germany

*Thinks* Source London use Slow/1-phase fast/3-phase and rapid charging (400v) too liberally causing mixup and confusion http://tinyurl.com/source1ondon

One such bad example was listing specification for Mitsubishi Imiev, Peugeot Ion and Citroen CZero with varied ranges and top speeds. Surely, they are the same car, with Mitsubishi own##Q##s being tad better, but such difference on paper. 100 miles for Mitsubishi… (top distance) and only 80miles for cZero and iOn. Despite on paper – that##Q##s right, the actual official paperwork, they all “do” 95 miles. Did anyone bother to check before pasting these random figures?

Talk about public confidence? I say if i was merely researching electric cars myself and came across the “official” Source London list of electric cars, such as this one, – what a turn off. Its peppered with wrong figures and incorrect charging types for most cars.

The term “Fast charging” – reserved for mere 2A 3-phase “fast charging” option at 7Kw – available around London – is used same as “Rapid Charging”, – 70kw 400v 50k costing power stations, which indeed charge up the car to 80% within 20-30 minutes, from nil. The newest one will slow down – to prevent any battery damage – and deliver charge at “Fast Charge” rate of 2A and top the car up to 100% (that 20% alone will take another 20-30 mins however :S )

Regardless, Take a look at screenshots taken on 28th Dec 2012, – Just Now.

PS did i mention all those electric cars have incorrect Top Speed? You Guessed it. They are all “technically” limited to 84MPH, – on paper anyway.

Spot the Wrongs and you get a cookie.

Incorrect official range stated: its 95, not 80.

Fast charge in 20-30? This Probably means RAPID Charging

Ion. Wrong Range. Should be the same 95. Fluence Fast Charge should be Rapid Charging to get those minutes!


Fast charging. 7kw, 32A charging cable option


The elusive “type 2” charging cable for Fast Charging has been found!

This means We (myself included) would be able to use the 7kw (32A) charging stations to charge my EV twice as fast.

instead of the usual 3.5kw (10miles of charge/hour) this can be charged at 7kw delivering0 miles per hour of charging.

Good Stuff!

Where do i find those 7Kw sockets? Well, i found one yesterday at Westfield shopping Centre, London.

See picture for connector information.

Where can you get one? Well its all Thanks to zerocarbonworld.org/shop


This cable allows a car with a Type 1 (J1772 – 5 pin) socket to connect to a Charging Station that is equipped with a Type 2 (7 pin) socket.

Fast: Rated at 32amps allowing your car to charge at up to 7kW as limited by the onboard charger.

Robust: High quality ITT generation 2 connectors.

Convenient: A high-quality 5m flexible black cord which is the thinnest and lightest available in the industry.

Back in early Oct 2012…
Price: £199 excluding VAT and P&P (£252 inclusive of both).

Mini feat. Fast* 7kw 32A charging cable J1772 at lower prices, from £180

I thought I would share these EV consumer friendly news with my readers.

I have been researching the best price for this J1772 cable for a while. Naturally once upon time, quoted, £400+ was outrageous for a cable, even at 2A power was nothing new to electric industry, apart from the actual plug-casing and wiring diagram, – so i saw no reason for this £400 cos or similar to be justified…

nowadays, these things are about to change.

Thanks to updates from Twitter friends, 2A 7Kw (approx 20miles/hour charge delivery) can be purchased for 199+VAT at zerocarbonworld.org

And finally…
MULTICOMP – DSI-DSIEC-EV-32P-3C – CABLE, J1772 PLUG – 62196-2 PLUG,3M is something you can get your hands on from £180 (5+) or £200 for the single unit.Correct at 22nd Nov 2012.

Go Speed Charging.

In other news, TFL is encouraging FAST CHARGING installations around London, (and im sure other locations UK-WIDE) as this is tipped to become the standalised charging cable for upcoming EVs.

Time taken for a full charge
Type of vehicle Standard Fast Rapid
Scooters 4 – 6 hours n/a n/a
Quadricycles (e.g. G-Wiz) 6 – 8 hours generally not available n/a
Cars 5 – 8 hours 3 – 4 hours under 30 minutes
Small vans 6 – 8 hours 3 – 4 hours under 30 minutes
Large vans and trucks 8 hours minimum 4 – 8 hours over one hour