Trip One: Southend-on-sea. EV Conquered

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“Dealing with Range Anxiety Head-on” should the proactive vision for EV owners like myself.

Its fair enough to say that CZero “remaining miles” was predisposed to errors and accuracy yet to be determined.

Alas such “road trips” as 45 mile one-way trip to Southend-on-sea this Sunday from Hendon, comfortably accommodating 4 adults leaving just under half a battery en-route to East Coast, is something to boast about.

I wont lie to say i WAS worried going on this trip. I was planning maybe me wife and self try this EV##Q##s promised Range with planned pit-stops to Scotney Castle, as prior post went on about.

Luck has it we indeed do have friends and common vote, that in sunny rare weather as it was, Coast and Sea-side it must be.

I have given in, and brought out the extension leads (*frowns*). Unfortunately it must come to this, reluctact as i was about using plugging this Citroen into someone##Q##s home socket, – “Beggars cant be choosers”, so i made such necessary preparations.

Friend##Q##s family convenient residence some 10 minutes walk away from Town Centre is precious commodity.

Important to note that at time of writing the lists several EV charging stations alas “disconnected” state. Thats pretty poor.

Back to the car;
I have gone for “full economy”; meaning

  • – radio off
  • – no aircon
  • – but no wound down windows either
  • – not exceeding ECO green mode (i.e. keeping car is average 50mph)

Road was hilly somewhat on the A406 + A127.

However all the careful driving approach paid off, by time we arrived to the “charging destination”, – house. EV said “35miles left to go”. I take it as a good thing but i would not risk driving back like so.

Considering car was just over half “tank” used, it taken predicted 3-4 hours to top-up.

The return trip.
We had a bet (which i won) whether car will perform the same all the way back to hendon/golders green.

Driving back style:

  • – Radio on (yes we felt braver!)
  • – head lights on
  • – small airflow level 2 (no aircon)
  • – not exceeding ECO zone again.

result? RESULT!
Door to Door is exactly half battery with 40miles “left“. I won the bet.

Needless-to-say, i left it “as-is” and drove to work this morning (12 miles, A406 Traffic to west london), where i typically charge up, and voila, here to tell the story.

I must admit, this is far better result than i expected. I feel that nerves alike range anxiety is slowly subsiding.

I can and will get to Scotney Castle, and then… who knows… Brighton?

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