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There are a lot of arguments on forums and blogs both way, and from Both EV Drivers and ICE drivers.

Against Charging

  • Electric Cars (notably battery tech) is still expensive. In fact just coming out of infancy. May new-coming EV drivers are still trying out the technology and feasibility-wise scepticism still persists in the wild.
  • Many Drivers/Families opt to buy/lease electric cars by way of reducing the amount of CO2 costing Fuel they use. Eco Warriors
  • Significant amount of Drivers are just now starting to try the Electric Car option as a way to save money. Whether its a monthly set lease or a loan, the cost of “excess” mileage is minimal to that household.
  • The environmental benefits like ZERO emissions and quieter drive are undeniable. These benefits are shared by public at large.

For Charging

  • Electric Cars should be treated just like any car and should be charged for Fuelling up (sorry, but i did hear this communist approach)
  • Electric Cars are not novel anymore/ sales are reasonable enough/ technology mature enough to move from free charging infrastructure to chargeable infrastructure. And ask EV drivers to pay for Electricity (& Installation costs)
  • And Finally, Its only fair to ask Electric Car drivers to pay for their Electricity.