US: Westport grant helps pay for new electric car, charging station

Some town employees will be riding around town in style — but at a price that’s right for taxpayers and in a car that’s good for the environment.
WESTPORT — Some town employees will be riding around town in style — but at a price that’s right for taxpayers and in a car that’s good for the environment.
Through the state Department of Environmental Protection’s Electric Vehicle Incentive Program grant, the town’s Energy Committee was able to secure $15,000 for a charging station and $7,500 toward an electric car. The end result: For the last two weeks, Town Administrator Timothy King and Building Commissioner Ralph Souza have been driving around town in a shiny, silver Nissan Leaf.
The brand new car also comes with all the bells and whistles. Energy Committee chairman Tony Connors said this car comes equipped with navigation, a backup camera, satellite radio and no noisy engine to boot. This quiet car makes no sounds as it moves through town roads, Connors noted. Despite these perks, Connors said, the vehicle might be saving money for the town.
The town is paying a monthly lease on the vehicle of approximately $200, according to Connors. He said the town pays gas reimbursement for that amount or more, which will now lead to a savings.
“We kind of pay as we go,” Connors said, adding, “It’s not a huge savings, but it’s something.”
King and Souza so far have been the only town employees who have used the car. Selectman Steven Ouellette also took it for a test drive. But several employees are eligible to get on the Leaf list — the health agent, town planner, the conservation agent and all three assessors.
Connors said it comes with another public perk. Anyone from the public can park behind town hall and plug their electric car into the charging station. Connors said a Tesla electric car was spotted at the station just the other day.
A sign outside of Town Hall advertises the fact that it contains a charging station, and Connors said the information will likely appear on GPS systems. Making the charging station available for public use was part of the agreement to procure the grant.
At recent selectmen meetings, King has lauded the car and recently told reporters that it is a very enjoyable ride.

And so its done: Tesla settles legal dispute with Ecotricity to put its Superchargers on UK Motorways

One of the perks of being a Tesla EV owner is having access to the company’s Supercharger free refueling stations. Knowing a widespread network of Supercharger sites will be key to getting British bums in leather seats, Tesla said late last year that within six months, you’d be able to drive the length of the UK on complimentary juice. While that may already be theoretically possible if you fancy chancing the journey from Leeds to Edinburgh on a single charge, we haven’t heard a peep out of Tesla since January, when it declared 20 Supercharger sites were now live. Expansion is back on the agenda, though, with Tesla announcing fresh plans to build seven Supercharger banks at motorway service stations “to enable routes to the West of Scotland and Eastern England.” These will join the 22 currently operating sites, with more additions to the network due to be revealed soon.

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London Camden Charging Points no longer supported by SourceLondon/Bollore due to lack of agreement

CamdenCharger3_ID Much like any other #ev Londoner, if there is such a thing, we can certainly come across charging points in London. The one closest to me, for example exhibits an intermittent fault.
This time, it would not recognise the RFID.CamdenCharger2_FaultyRFID CamdenCharger Irony in Camden. SourceLondon Charger not working. via @Evmeerkat

Since it was a weekend, and i am pretty sure that Source London offices are not open on such “occasions”, i have taken enough snaps for sharing on twitter via @evmeerkat, with a plan to report this fault later, like on the day like… today.

Speaking of SOURCELONDON, they Customer Service number has now also changed from 0845 850 0653 to 0203 056 8989, which should be a welcome chance, as this number is usually part of your “inclusive” landline minutes that you would get on your mobile phone.

Back to the subject matter, once on the phone, a french accented lady has informed me that this particular point, by hampstead heath is in Camden, first reported faulty in November 2014. As indeed it is. Further prompt to elaborate on the fact, i was advised that SourceLondon NO LONGER SUPPORTS the Charging Points in Camden Borough, The Only Borough in London with such, in my view, EV FAIL.

All support ceased back in January/February 2015, this is when, i believe SOURCELONDON, taken-over by the French Group Bollore, held such negotiations on support contract extensions.

As the Mere EV Driver. We are evidently screwed.
Wish to Vent your frustration, be my guest.

For now, you are welcomed to get more response from Camden Mayor/Council, because my request for more information fall on deaf ears so far :/

Irony on a Scale

While, This “issue” is/long time persistent, Camden Council appears to have changed very little of it’s policy…i.e. get those points fixed/agreements extended and indeed invariably reduce emissions in it’s own borough. Whatever the reasoning behind this, it’s at quite some odds with it’s own policy, or at least what i can read, today, on Camden Council Official gov site.



The story, saga rather, with all-but-few working Electric Vehicle Chargers in Camden Continues, despite being first reported back in February 2015, which, at it’s best, highlights the poor management and lack of foresight in Camden Council. “There to serve it’s people”… is typically what councils are for. Ironically, no longer true. Not at this rate anyway.


All the moaning, but “what can I do”

Much like myself, Get in Touch with the Mayor! Here are all the details

Address Civic Floor CamdenTown Hall Judd Street London WC1H 9JE

Email Send an enquiry
Phone 020 7974 2727
Fax 020 7974 5881
Details : Mayor 2014-15 Councillor Lazzaro Pietragnoli, Deputy Mayor Councillor Larraine Revah. The Mayor’s Office provides specialist administrative, project and event management support and advice to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Shared charging network to enable trans-European EV touring

Two of Europe’s largest charging point networks have formed an agreement which will enable cross-border journeys in an electric vehicle.

Under the agreement, British network Charge Your Car, which has 2,000 points and The New Motion, which a network of 15,000 spanning the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Belgium, will share their networks under a single membership.

Alexandra Prescott, operations director at Charge Your Car, said: ‘This agreement is a logical step to enhance services for both The New Motion and CYC drivers. Continental roaming is easier, opening up new e-mobility opportunities across Europe for our drivers.’

Ritsaart van Montfrans, Founder of The New Motion, added: ‘This will open up new routes and new adventures for EV drivers on both sides of the Channel, in line with our mission to continue to facilitate and enable more electric kilometres to be driven by more EV drivers across Europe.’

Tesla Motors – Financing Option is here. #electricCar #ev leasing scheme

In relation to your test drive with us earlier we are now very happy to announce the availability of financing for the Model S;

·         Hire Purchase – full purchase paid back over a given term; available for business purchase and private purchase

·         Leasing – effectively long term rental agreement; available for business and private purchase

·         Personal Contract Purchase; leasing with optional balloon payment at the end of the agreement; only available for private purchase

Since last time we spoke there have also been a few other updates from our side;

·         West Drayton service centre is now open for test drives

·         Supercharger expansion across Europe

If you are interested in a financing quote, please provide the following details and we will get a quote back to you,

·         Your Model S configuration

·         Term (24/36 months etc)

·         Deposit

·         Expected annual mileage

·         Service/No service

UK #ElectricCar EV charging Network is ever expanding. More Charging facilities for Electric Vehicle Drivers. Horray!

Leaders in the field of electric vehicles (EVs) have joined forces to accelerate the development of a national plug-in vehicle charging infrastructure as well as developing associated technologies.
Charge Your Car, the largest regional network of EV charge points and its sister company, Zero Carbon Futures are to enter into an agreement with Chargemaster Plc, the country##Q##s leading provider of EV charging infrastructure.

The move follows on from the recent announcement that Chargemaster is to acquire Charge Your Car##Q##s joint venture partner, Elektromotive Limited.

The partnership will involve the organisations working together to support the widespread roll-out of the existing Charge Your Car network and Pay As You Go (PAYG) services, easing the use of EVs for drivers throughout the UK.

Through an agreement between all parties, a mutually beneficial business model will be adopted so that existing customers from both organisations will be able to access points using the Charge Your Car network as the operating platform. The strength of the Charge Your Car scheme lies within their PAYG system, that allows EV drivers to charge at points throughout the UK without the need for multiple membership.

The parties see the significant benefits of charging points across the country being accessible through multi payment mechanisms. Chargemaster customers will gain from increased access to charging posts from the Charge Your Car network, in addition to their existing POLAR charging network.

Dr Colin Herron, Director of Charge Your Car, said: “This is a strong partnership bringing together three organisations with natural synergies that are all working towards the goal of the widespread roll-out of EV charging infrastructure. Combined, we will have a network consisting of 70% of all charge points in the UK and through this partnership we will help promote ease of use for EV drivers.”

All three organisations possess unique skills and experience in the EV environment, and in a separate agreement the companies will also work together to develop emerging associated technologies in areas such as home charging and induction charging.
This strong collaboration of expert organisations is expected to become a major player in the European market for electric vehicle charging equipment which is expected to grow rapidly over the next 10 years.

Dr Colin Herron, added: “The Low Carbon sector is at an exciting period in its development with a whole host of R&D activity taking place across the UK and Europe. It is natural that we now look to form partnerships such as this to accelerate that development by bringing together a wealth of expertise that will help to commercialise and develop products and services.”

EV Charging News: Chargemaster to acquire Elektromotive for £8.5m

Two of the UK’s largest charging point manufacturers are to join forces, after Chargemaster reached an agreement to acquire Elektromotive for £8.5m in cash from its Singapore-based holding company.

The acquisition will form one of Europe’s largest joint charging networks, with Elektromotive’s strong sales bases in Belgium and Ireland complementing Chargemaster’s coverage in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Elektromotive has 15 global distribution partners, including a presence in Asia, while Chargemaster has supplier contracts with Nissan, Renault in the UK and France, Vauxhall and Toyota as well as British Gas and Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE).

In the UK, both companies already have established public charging networks in operation. Chargemaster is the driving force behind the POLAR network, while Elektromotive is working on a nationwide pay-as-you-go open access network with North East Plugged-in Places scheme Charge Your Car.

The Enlarged Group formed by the two companies is aimed at competing with large rivals such as Schneider in France and Siemens and RWE in Germany. Globally, the charging point market is expected to grow exponentially as new models are introduced, expanding 20 fold over the next eight years to be worth £1.2bn.

Pininfarina Bluecar going into production

Pininfarina has announced they signed an agreement with Cecomp and Bollore to build 4,000 Bluecars for France##Q##s Autolib car sharing service.

While the company declined to release specifications, the Bluecar concept featured a Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP) battery which enabled it to travel up to 250 km (155 miles) on a single charge. Furthermore, the car##Q##s electric motor allowed the EV to accelerate from 0-60 km/h (0-37 mph) in 6.3 seconds and hit a limited top speed of 130 km/h (80 mph).

If everything goes according to plan, Autolib will offer the Bluecar for rent in Paris and 40 other municipalities starting in October 2011.

Source: Pininfarina
By Michael Gauthier