More and Merrier: M4 Green Park Supercharger is Now Open

Incredibly Fast, Always Free Once Supercharger Enabled
Supercharging is free for the life of Model S, once the Supercharger option is enabled. In as little as 20mins half the capacity of Model S can be recharged, and Superchargers are strategically located – providing a greater choice for journey planning. Green Park is the first route enabler located along the M4 corridor supporting return trips between London and Bristol, with more coming soon facilitating inner-city, long distance travel and convenience charging for free, for life.

The planet’s fastest charging station is now just a road trip away. We are excited to announce our sixth Supercharger is now open.

M4 Green Park Supercharger

250 S Oak Way,

Reading, RG2 6UG, UK


Charging Stalls

24 hrs/day