Thought it was enough speculating and talking nonsense, booked my test drive for Ampera #Electric #Hybrid – for few days

Indeed, we are all aware of plugin hybrids which are -P-REV E-REV, plugin typical car with Electric Battery as “range extender and city drive economy”, VS Electric Car (drive terrain) first, WITH an “engine” in a form of some small 1.4L generator, as that “range extender“.

We have tried and Tested DS5 Citroen Top End Premium Hybrid. Nice. Some Snags, but Nice.

We have also gone away with Honda CR-Z, and that certainly a plenty oomph for the #Hybrid GT

Both have main conventional engine and drive setup, with electrical so called “backup”, some can even offer more miles than others, but both share #hybrid notion which saves both on emission, consumption, and cost of driving around.

Finally, its time to talk about the likes of Volt and Ampera. Lets be honest, its the same car all in all with a different badge each time, thanks to their common daddy General Motors at home.

However Chevrolet Volt appears to deliver more Electric Miles than Ampera, and certainly looks more prettier too.

Despite being extremely desperate to get hands on V60 Volvo Hybrid, which honestly amazes me with 1L of diesel for 60 miles driving consumption in the eco mode and 31miles in pure electric mode, we admit, for 42K (with UK Grant) – it is simply of our reach (for the common man).

Ampera however, thanks to Vauxhall dealerships left right and centre, is more common-found, and thats what we are going for.

It is time: Watch this space for Ampera Personal Review coming this February…