Best Western UK installs electric car charging points

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Best Western UK claims to have installed the first network of electric car charging stations at hotels in the world.

It has installed charging stations at 50 of its UK hotels. The hotel group’s executives claim that half of its 270 UK hotels will have the facility by September as part of its sustainability campaign.

Guests will be able to recharge their electric vehicles in property car parks after their visit.

Best Western’s chairman Angela Burns said, “There are currently some 10,000 electric car users on UK roads but that really is the tip of the iceberg. There will, according to the latest Department of Transport figures, be 1.2 million eCars on UK roads by 2020.

“Those cars will each require a charging station – which means there will need to be 1.2 million charging stations by 2020 of which 10% must be publicly accessible, like our charging stations.

Charles Roberts of Zero Carbon World, which worked with Best Western on the project, said, “Best Western’s initiative is a massive thumbs up for electric cars.

“With over 50 locations Best Western is the hotel group with the most EV charging stations in its portfolio anywhere in the world. No other hotel brand has such an extensive network or is investing in EV to the same extent as Best Western.”

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