FIXED:How much can electric car save me on Fuel Economy. Fuel vs Electricity Calculator. UK

Edit the Form below as necessary to work out your Fuel Costs.

Right now it defaults to a typical assumptions of 1000 mile ( near one month of estimated driving) trip, which suffices an average household. Change figures as you see fit.

One assumption is that electric car’s average travel is 70 miles – appropriate for mk1 generation of electric cars typically released prior to 2013. Czero/Imiev/iOn/Leaf/ However, Newer and updated higher-Trim-levels like Nissan’s LEAF Acenta & Tekna are mk2 (post-2013)/Bmw i3 are more efficient – averaging 85 miles on a single charge.

Another assumption is that you will charge at home for 40% of your charges, and paying for your electricity. The remaining 60% charging will be done at public charging networks like Source London and Ecotricity, – which currently are free.