My nissan is built ergo “Made in Sunderland” … Hmmm

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i know I have had my Nissan Leaf Acenta for a while (first batch of 2013’s release) delivered in November 1st 2013, All made in the UK, Sunderland plant, it made me quite proud to own a “home-made” piece of “high tech”.

I don’t make apologies for nerdiness.

What I failed to “pick” on I suppose are some subtle, well, nuances which made room to hope for a better quality product all round. Then again, it could be just a picky self and I should actually keep it to myself.

The issue I’m referring to now is general Quality Control/Assurance for my shiny white Leaf with Acenta Trim.

And more pedantically I am referring to, the … Body work. Ironically this aspect falling below par (in my scrutiny) and has nothing to do with the fact that the car is electric.

I love my Leaf, and if you know me, I boast about it left, right and centre, and to date it’s the most comprehensive, all round well completed and mass produced electric car which is actually affordable and he beat bang for your buck, hands down. (Sorry i3, you’re also great but tad smaller and tad more expensive for me)

But the body work; the face of the car. Great classic Leaf, recognisable from far away instantly; if you have one, look closely at the alignment of your headlamps now, if you do have a Leaf.

The spacing between the seals.

Trace the ridge of the headlamp, does the connecting indicator attachment also in the same ridge line?

Mine aren’t. Not fussed all in all. But again, this is with my QA hat on and a ruler out. Well, so to speak, you can indeed see the issue with a naked eye.

Front Right headlamp seal mis-aligned Nissan Leaf via Front Left  headlamp seal mis-aligned Nissan Leaf via Front Left headlamp & indicator shell mis-aligned Nissan Leaf via

Now, the tail lights …

Left Rear Tail Light Nissan Leaf  via and Right Rear Tail Light Nissan Leaf  via


I don’t mean to be….mean, but I have a mouldy fish tank going on, in Both rear tail lights.

My leaf has done 16k-ish miles to date and is officially 17 months “old”. It should not have reached this “stage” for years to come.

Merely listing my “user experience here folks”, I am sure this (latter) is covered by the warranty anyway, so nothing to worry about. Just hoped it wouldn’t need to come to this is all.

QA folks, take notes.

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