Shared charging network to enable trans-European EV touring

Two of Europe’s largest charging point networks have formed an agreement which will enable cross-border journeys in an electric vehicle.

Under the agreement, British network Charge Your Car, which has 2,000 points and The New Motion, which a network of 15,000 spanning the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Belgium, will share their networks under a single membership.

Alexandra Prescott, operations director at Charge Your Car, said: ‘This agreement is a logical step to enhance services for both The New Motion and CYC drivers. Continental roaming is easier, opening up new e-mobility opportunities across Europe for our drivers.’

Ritsaart van Montfrans, Founder of The New Motion, added: ‘This will open up new routes and new adventures for EV drivers on both sides of the Channel, in line with our mission to continue to facilitate and enable more electric kilometres to be driven by more EV drivers across Europe.’

Tesla: European Supercharger Network Expansion #electricCar #ev #charging

Tesla update:


Our Supercharger team has been hard at work energising Supercharger stations throughout mainland Europe this month.  The new network of Superchargers stretches from the Netherlands, through Germany, Switzerland and Austria and will allow Model S owners to drive from Amsterdam to Geneva and back without ever needing to stop for fuel again.  And we won’t stop there; keep an eye on our Supercharger page for further network expansion throughout the whole of 2014.

SuperCharger RoadMap

evmeerkat: supercharger roadmap telsa 2014

EV Charging News: Chargemaster to acquire Elektromotive for £8.5m

Two of the UK’s largest charging point manufacturers are to join forces, after Chargemaster reached an agreement to acquire Elektromotive for £8.5m in cash from its Singapore-based holding company.

The acquisition will form one of Europe’s largest joint charging networks, with Elektromotive’s strong sales bases in Belgium and Ireland complementing Chargemaster’s coverage in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Elektromotive has 15 global distribution partners, including a presence in Asia, while Chargemaster has supplier contracts with Nissan, Renault in the UK and France, Vauxhall and Toyota as well as British Gas and Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE).

In the UK, both companies already have established public charging networks in operation. Chargemaster is the driving force behind the POLAR network, while Elektromotive is working on a nationwide pay-as-you-go open access network with North East Plugged-in Places scheme Charge Your Car.

The Enlarged Group formed by the two companies is aimed at competing with large rivals such as Schneider in France and Siemens and RWE in Germany. Globally, the charging point market is expected to grow exponentially as new models are introduced, expanding 20 fold over the next eight years to be worth £1.2bn.