One in Four Would Consider Buying an Electric Car

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Having pledged to bring self-driving cars to market by 2020, Nissan is now allowed to test its autonomous vehicles on the public roads of Japan.

Autonomous Nissan Leaf

Now road-legal in Japan, Nissan hopes to sell an autonomous Leaf by 2020. (Nissan)

The Japanese government issued its first licence for a self-driving car to Nissan, and the car has the number plate ’20 20′ to mark the year the company hopes to sell such vehicles to customers.

Although the modified all-electric Nissan Leaf has a number of autonomous features found on other cars – such as automatic lane centering and adaptive cruise control – the car also features the ability to automatically exit motorways, change lanes, overtake slow or stationary vehicles and stop at red lights without driver involvement. » Read the rest of this entry «

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