Solar Roof for Auxiliary charge is a must

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Ok, we have seen it before. Its a small solar panel that sat on the spoiler on LEAF models. See, it powers enough for the on-board computer and general system.

Its nothing new. its all possible. why don##Q##t other manufacturers do it?

A little pre-story. Indeed at present the 17% efficient solar panels are miles away from delivering enough power to charge the car, under ideal direct-sun conditions.

The latest news from Tech is that Sanyo lab has somewhat breakthrough and managed to deliver 32% efficient Solar panel prototypes. Again, i could be wrong, they could be wrong, and this is all pixie magic for time being. Alas “don##Q##t loose hope” is the point.

That certainly would help.

At present Car could be fitted with flexible or plain mono-crystalline solar panels.

In fact, Citroen##Q##s roof could take several of those.

Solar panels: average size we##Q##re talking about 60w is 805*535*35mm

Having them paired in 4 or 6 sets, would allow roof to generate upto 300w ~ in ideal sunny conditions (im not giving you hopes that we live in california and thus it would suffice), not often, granted, but when car is stationery over weekend?, every little helps.


Argument for the value of Solar Power

Typical charge ~ 3kw/hour

Approximates to some 10 miles/hour charging speed.

Solar panel at 300w is 1/10th power, would deliver near 1 mile/hour.

Granted, not a lot, but this does add-up. a typical sunny summer day will give you some 14 hours of sunlight (cloud light) which could average down to some 8-10 miles?

Thats not tooo shabby, considering I am having to count every single drop of juice and whether to air-con, or Not to air-con.


Who knows, maybe R&D at Sanyo will get into production, and that would effectively double the charging capacity for the example above.

In the day thats reasonable 16 miles?! Game on!

That pays for own travel! (at least 1.5 way for me)


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