Badger Farm supermarket unveils new electric car charging points

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NEW charging points for electric cars have been installed at a Winchester superstore.

Tesla has opened the Supercharger stations at Sainsbury’s branch at Badger Farm giving free power to adapted vehicles.

Philip Warr charges his Tesla Model S 85 at one of two new points at Sainsbury’s in Badger Farm

Georg Ell, Tesla’s UK director, said: “We’re excited to partner with Sainsbury’s to continue the expansion of the country’s fast-charging network for long-distance travel in electric cars.”

The opening comes as the county council is set to revamp its charging stations at the South Winchester Park and Ride, about a mile from Sainsbury’s Badger Farm.

The park and ride charging points that opened in 2010 have recently been taken out as they are outdated.

A county council spokeswoman said they will be making way for a new rapid charging point as part of our recent roll out.

The council, with Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), have opened points last year at Romsey Rapids Leisure Centre Car Park, at Civic Way (North) car park in Fareham and in Andover, Ringwood and Farnborough.

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