London – Peak Disctrict – London. My first #electricCar Long distance #evtrip

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I have poked about the long distance EV trip for a while. However each time i can close to realising that trip, – something Else always came up. I began doubting the actual excuses (however real and plausible) and even contemplated whether its subliminal reluctance, or the amount of planning that has to go into any EV trip what put me off.

Weeks following the “inception” of such #evtrip, i finally found “enough is enough”, and its time to “Just do it”.

Apologies for possible excessive “speech” marks i tend to go with, but quotes are quotes, merely respecting the literacy.

Ok, Lets be fair, the #evTrip idea has become more balsy, once Robert Llewellyn and David Peilow have successfully completed the #evtrip from London to Edinburgh! It was truly inspiring and furthered the realisation how far we have really come. A year ago, in my all electric Citroen Czero (as per blog’s original domain name) i barely made trips to Brighton and Oxford, gleaming of joy whenever it was a hitch-free ride.

I wont lie, travelling on all electric car, with maximum range, as showed as 80 odd miles on motorway (or tad less) on even MK2 EV being Nissan Leaf Acenta is, was, rather quite daunting. Afterall we’re talking about 155 miles each way on average. Thats nearly twice of the car’s all electric range. » Read the rest of this entry «

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