Renault Twizy with 477 Miles on the clock. battery dead. bids and offers are welcomed

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Im helping out a fellow EV Driver here.

So posting details of his twizy here for open interest:


Only 477 miles on clock

Owner from new.

All documentation from renault, purchase invoice etc.

No MOT, car declared as SORN.

Observation: I have personally inspected the this twizy as its located in North London (NW3)

And i have noted the following FYI:

  • Renault Twizy comes with windows but one window’s metal slide fix is broken off. could be welded but Broken as is
  • There is no Life in the twizy. Turning the key all the way does not make any sound or any lights flicker
  • Renault Twizy battery is under Renault Service agreement but current owner may have kept it off road for too long which potentially breaches certain battery maintenance terms and conditions. This nuance may not extend to the new owner who would not have opportunity to be in any breach to start with, thus forcing the Renault battery warranty action. TBC. ask away for any further information.
  • Handbrake is disengaged to push twizy out for further viewing and flatbed truck transportation.
  • There is a door scratch on the driver’s left side.
  • Overall, Twizy is in a great condition throughout thanks to indoor upkeep.
  • Alloys are in perfect condition.
  • Expect brakes and disks to be in superb condition also, due to extremely low mileage

Get in touch via twitter @evmeerkat or email aim[at]

or contact the owner directly via ebay listing

See photos and Videos below, or via original Ebay listing

scratch on the door

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