Response from Barnet Council: Charging Points Consultation. #ev charging bays due by March 2014

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Response from the Barnet Council,

Dear Evmeerkat*,

Thank you very much for your email and for your electric vehicle charge point suggestions. These have been passed to the team dealing with this matter.

Suggestions received will be reported to the Cabinet Member to help decide the type and locations of charge points to introduce in Barnet, and those who have suggested locations will be informed of the final decision in due course.

It is intended that units will be installed by the end of March 2014.

Kind regards,


Kim Wynne

Letter to Barnet Council: Re: Council ask where to install more electric car charging points

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Decided to jot down a quick email to our Barnet Council as a result of “good news” in Funds being made available £200k for charging infrastructure development in the borough. See link Here.

Join me, by writing your Emails to suggest/encourage  appropriate and suitable charging infrastructure. In my view: Rapid Charging would do really well for the area. 2 or 3 of these in the area and we’re good. Otherwise high-street street-level based slow “local” chargers would do as well, for residents and commuters alike.

————- Sent to on Sunday 18th August ————-

Hi Kim,

I hope this email find you well.

Indeed i have come across an article on Barnet-Today that you seek to seek suggestions from EV community as to the appropriate installation for EV Charging point.

You are in luck so to speak, – We live in the Borough of Barnet, and indeed Great London at large, and I have been driving my electric car for just over a year now, with yet up-and-coming upgrade already underway to the All-new Nissan Leaf electric car.


Regarding the installations;

As much as i would like to see more charging points typically setup by “community centres”, budget is a limited, and we need to establish one fact, – Electric Car drivers are just like any other car drivers, – typical needs come first in so called hierarchy of needs.

In short, Shopping centres car-parks are first to be encouraged, subsidise these car charging facilities installations …

High streets and appropriate charging for one to two cars on the Street level, not NCP, is next to receive priority
For example, beside Waitrose, from Hendon to High Barnet, there is possibly an odd 1 charging location “en route”, from Hendon Lane via Finchley Lane.

And the one available is the slow charging located really out of typical main route’s way.
In essence, as an electric car growing community we are much overlooked in Barnet, being said, to date.

…. I have personally seen a dozen electric cars in the area, with some owners not being able to have a car-drive to ease and convenience of charging. The resident-local location would really benefit from the charging.

Considering that Charging points typically they are Slow options (type 1), at best Fast Charging (type 2, halving the charging time), please consider the activities in the area.

This is usually overlooked when deciding where to install a charging point. While EV User waits for their car to charge, typically longer than a hour, it would be well suited for the area if there are local amenities, businesses which could mutually benefit from this prospect.

While Shopping centres mentioned are indeed an ideal location for these charging points, they usually operating within certain Open/Close hours, while Street-level car charging options are easier to locate – “Bright Green Beacon of Hope” – as its usually described. This is ideally suited for High Street locations.

I personally would like to see charging points come up “en route” Finchley Central, Hendon, and Totterige side.
This street level view would self-promote the Electric Car as mode of transport in Barnet, lower the emissions, as well as enable EV Drivers to conduct daily business in the area, be it Bank visits, shopping, or otherwise.

Concerning the charging types;
All electric cars come with the typical “home-standard” 13A Plug connector. This is Type – 1. Slow charging. Would take 0-100% in 7-8 hours.
If there are more of these, its very straightforward for most EV Drivers, new alike.

There is an option(a £200-£700 per cable privilege) which is not common, a cable for some car models to enable Type 2 charging. This is Fast Charging. 32A, halving charging type. While i wish to use these facilities for mere speed of charging, it may be prudent to establish their use (expensive extra cables), as installed by Waitrose. I wonder if they let you know their usage data for FYI.

Finally, There is Rapid Charging, This is a little more expensive to install, however immensely useful on any real Electric Car Commuting. At 400V 80A, this DC charging is compatible with vast number of cars, charging cars from 0%-80% within 25-30 minutes.

This makes Electric Car living very comfortable, and i would urge you to seriously consider installing one or two in the area to put Barnet as a serious Electric Car Friendly location. This would only bring more EV Drivers to the community.

These one or two rapid chargers could be installed By Libraries or Council Car Parks, to ensure the maximum benefit and security for the installation.

As an example, Ecotricity project, which aims to installed these rapid chargers across all Main UK Highways is making good, with recent installation at IKEA, Wembley car park. I can’t thank them enough for saving me stress and offering such convenience.

Needless to say, they get all the appropriate appreciation via twitter.

And one more thing, when you decide on the location on these charging points, here is the nationwide electric charging map for your reference. – Barnet should get a definite improvement with this 200k grant.

Dont hesitate to get in touch should you have ANY questions, – i would be happy to answer any queries and offer feedback,

Best Regards,


Electric Car User Experience Blog

——————— end ——————–

Will update you if i hear anything.

Council ask where to install more electric car charging points

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GREEN drivers are being asked where they would like to see more electric car charging points installed.

Barnet Council is planning to use part of a £200,000 grant from the Mayor of London to install four new points.

There are already six charging points in the borough, at High Barnet Station, Waitrose in Whetstone, Finchley and Mill Hill, Brent South Retail Park and Jemca in Edgware Road provided by Source London.

The grant funding has to be allocated to schemes to improve air quality.

According to the Department for Transport there were 351 electric cars registered within the Greater London area from January 2010 to February 2013.

Cabinet member for environment Dean Cohen said: “We have already shown a willingness to support electric vehicles in Barnet and over the coming months we will be looking at ways to increase the number of electric charge points if we can.

“Electric cars are becoming more popular around the country, especially in London and we want to make sure that Barnet is ahead of the curve. We are keen to hear from owners of electric cars about where they would most like charging points to be located.”

Motorists are invited to email with their suggestions for future locations for electric charging points.

Semi-Open Email and Letter to Barnet Council regarding Electric Vehicle charging points (lack of) and support.

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Dear Sir/Madam,


We are residents to Hendon, living in constituency of the London borough of Barnet and we own an electric vehicle (EV).

While I have come across many incentives councils are offering residents of other councils (Camden, Westminster, Milton Keynes), and I was hoping to receive some information from our own council, – as per my email now, regarding “what is being done to encourage green, less polluting driving options and incentives in place for residents to make a move.”

I am running a blog at, documenting my personal EV User experience, throughout all my trips, challenges and successes, and I would be really glad to offer hope and support to many readers who find the lack of support or infrastructure in their council areas.

I have prepared a number of questions, which i hope will make this email more organised towards your response;

1. What are the current (upcoming?) EV related incentives in place for the residents of Barnet council controlled areas?

2. Do you offer reduced (or free alike Camden) parking permits for EV users? Are there plans to do so?

3. There is counted mere 2-3 charging stations, in the aforementioned council controlled area. 

This is, frankly relatively poor considering i have personally counted at least 4-5 electric cars in the square mile between Hendon – Golders Green. 

— omitted personal details —

4. What is being done by the council to encourage Community/Business centers to install charging points.

(This extends to Finchley areas as well. Places like Odeon Cinema, Vue Cinema, Shopping centers)

Will there be any incentives or support for home charging station installations? This would help those who are lucky enough to have off-street parking.

    6. According to the SourceLondon website, concerning the electric car charging points, ( there is a number of boroughs mentioned participating and yet to implement, charging points for Electric Vehicle users. Borough of Barnet is not one of them. Its not on the list. Why is that, what is Barnet Council doing to be put on the green and electric supporting map of London. This was personally a very unfortunate discovery to find that my council is not doing anything towards this SourceLondon Scheme. I hope i am wrong and information is out of date, – looking forward to your response before I make up my conclusions.

Its very unfortunate that, despite living across the road from Hendon Park, i see the car covered with a thin layer of black exhaust dust – indication of the air quality in our area.

I am a really keen EV user/enthusiast looking to disclose all cons and pros of EV ownership. Trying to encourage more drivers to follow the suit by my example, and It would work best if we all work together, trying to lower the emissions and improve the air quality in our constituency and area of residence alike.


— omitted personal details —

These are all the questions i need answers to, for my blog-site article council review.

I look forward to your response,



– and on behalf of the EV users in the Borough of Barnet –




I plan to post their response underneath this letter. 😀 Watch this space

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