Hi all. I’m evMeerkat and I’m electric. I havent *used* for months until recently… and it felt dirty (oil).

It felt really unnerving when I say my hard-earned cash being … Leaked into the car at £1.50/litre of some ordinary diesel this Sunday when I have been driving the new DS5.

I have not been at fuel pumps for months now. Travelling and commuting costing nothing is such a norm now.

The fact that I have spent £30 for some 20 litres ….. To properly get around down, is quite something.

This is how people live. This I how I lived. Memories came flowing back. … VW Polo costing £40 odd per week… If not more, that##Q##s some collosal privilege, to own and run a car, isn##Q##t it.

Interestingly enough, the story of the day, I met with yet another Premium car owner who drives some 40 miles a day, on 35mpg car avg urban, that##Q##s some good mpg on his BMW, but throughout conversation we realise that##Q##s quite some mile-damage to his nice premium wheels on some common a-to-b commute route, costing some £250 in commute costs alone.

Even in This small sad example, electric comes out better off. Keep your BMW, keep it for those all important and longer drives.
Your depreciation slows and lessened mileage means less maintenance and repairs.

A Win:win.