Why Drive an Electric Car

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So the story is – I have upgraded from my automatic petrol (35mpg) to an electric car, some near 2 years ago. And I have Never looked back.

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Some “minor” yet useful benefits:

  • Eco Kudos – ZeroEmission, its Clean, and i can breathe in and out (at least on my conscience) Free Access to London’s Congestion Zone: My home charging tariff is renewable, do spare any “irony-test”
  • Its extremely cheap and hassle free running costs. I lease. no headache.
  • I get free parking in Westminster for my electric Car, which is like the best part of London

Then, There’s The Maths, – READ MORE.


As one gentleman once rightly said, “Electric Car is not for everyone, it is only able to satisfy the needs of some 90% of the driving population“. If thats not true, thats damn close

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Electric vs Fossil Fuel Comparison Updated

PS. I personally research the best Deals, so you are guaranteed to get the best deal for your money. This is independent of the dealer, but my personal mission. If you know there is a good deal around – get in touch, after all iam[at] evmeerkat.com – www.leasing.london

Still The Cheapest Electric Car Lease: Nissan Leaf Acenta (2014 & premium trim) Deal

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The on-going search for the “best-priced” Electric Car continues.

I do mean a “car”, since Twizy does not quality for this purpose, nor Gwizz. This means SatNav, Reverse Camera, confy seats, big boot and so on. you can look up more details on the specification here.

Nissan Leaf Acenta(and Tekna) offer you the best of heating efficiency – resulting in theoretical 130mileage per single charge. On road tests in Oslo, Norway, Top Trim Tekna model performed nicely with 109 real-life-miles.

This would fare about the same in this Acenta model. We’re not in oslo, but real-life mileage over 100miles on the single charge is a very welcome FYI.

I have spent a good deal talking to dealerships, and googling the offers and deals.

Nissan Leaf Acenta 10k/annum (Same offer with 10K mileage/year is as follows.)

10K/Annum mileage on 3+35 non-maintained Contract at £301/month!

Total Contract Mileage Excess Mileage Charge CO2 Combined Fuel Economy
30000 4.2p + VAT per mile 0 g/km 0

Payment Profile: 3 + 35
Deposit Payable in Advance: £903.10
Admin Fee Payable With Deposit: £180
Followed By: 35 Payments: £301.03

All payments above include VAT

Delivery Information: Free delivery to your address – Mainland UK

Essentially mileage does not make much difference, however if you consider making 20k/annum mileage, it would cost you a fraction of the cost. Doing the math, with 10k/annum deal + 10k over the top. this would cost £48 odd/month for excess 1k mileage a month, which now totals at 2k/month.

Not too bad, i’d say. How much would that cost you in a Petrol equivalent at avg 40-45Mpg combined? Find out on our Fuel Calculator/Comparison Tool.


Finally, if you do LIKE, Just fill the Contact form for the Dealer to get in touch with you.


How much should I pay for Type 1 (J1772) to Type 2 “Fast Charge” #ev cable for My Nissan Leaf?

June 10th, 2014 § Comments Off on How much should I pay for Type 1 (J1772) to Type 2 “Fast Charge” #ev cable for My Nissan Leaf? § permalink

…Time to buy Charging Cable Type 1 (J1772) – Type 2 Mennekes (IEC 62196-2) cable for my Nissan Leaf

They are pricey, and prices do vary from 170 second hand to excess of £300 from some “main dealers”
I dont want to pay over the odds, considering its the “off-chance” that it may be used on my trips.

So far the best deal is:

@nuWorldEnergy: @evmeerkat £169.20 fully delivered if purchased in June. http://t.co/jRiSlQiMYX @OLEVgovuk #Leaf #Ampera #OutlanderPHEV @chargeyourcar

All tips, pointers and suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

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