“Things you should know” flyer about Tesla model S UK Benefits / Tax breaks #ev

UK Incentives

£5,000 UK Government grant for every Model S (grant included in list price of Model S)

No Showroom Tax or Road Tax

Exemption from London Congestion Charge
• Non-residents traveling into London can expect to pay a yearly subscription of £2,520

100% First Year Allowance for company purchase until April 2015

0% Benefit in Kind for a company purchase until April 2015, after which BIK is set at a rate of 5%
• A diesel powered executive car costing £49,900 with an emission rating of 150g/km CO2 would be taxed at over 24% BIK, and for individuals in the higher tax bracket of 40% this means that owning Model S could provide a saving of over £4,508 in the first year alone. (Cost comparison based on a £49,900 60kWh Model S at 0% BIK)

Model S emits zero tailpipe emissions so you will never pay for fuel again and have access to Tesla Superchargers across Europe for free, for life!