RT PETITION: Allow Electric scooters/skateboards on pavements and streets in the UK – Sign here https://goo.gl/dZtqgm

No Thanks to Outdated 200-year-old legislation, specifically section 72 of the Highway Act 1835, which essentially means that riding [any] electric segways, scooters, hoverboards, skateboards “personal vehicles” is basically banned for use on public pavements and roads in the UK.

Now there is some confusion about this being enforced, where some owners of these tech-electric transportation devices were fined, while others were not. Either way, we, members of public require full clarity and amendment to this legislation.

This legislation is too old and outdated.

Basically, i looked and looked and realised enough is enough.

No one knows for certain if you Are or Are not to get fined for Breaking or maybe not breaking the law on this.
I have been drooling and contemplated the likes of solowheel, OneWheel, Marbel and Boosted for a long long time.
We, in the UK, are out of luck. US, Canada and i am sure many other countries which do cares about nuances of such personal-portable-commuter-gadget have embraced the tech. It is here to stay. Time to do away with the 200-year old law.

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I think solowheel is as “safe as a jogger”. Takes minimal space on the pavement. Not fast* enough for global panic, but useful enough for commuters to nip the “last mile or so” in/within/around London or other city. Imagine traffic it would cut down on and emissions