What’s the #rapidcharge session like at shell “gas” station. The “new, sensible, world order”

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The look of the 3-type compatible rapid charging. D.C. charging at 50kW AC at 45kW (max speed)

Cable isn’t too long, you gotta get in real close but for the i3 it just enough. I can see however how others may struggle in the future – I was not able to reverse into the bay and plug it in on the opposite side – too short.

As advised. Downloaded the SmoovApp from the iOS App Store. The rest was pretty easy. Select current location and charging socket (do that first – before plugging in)

select payment type and authorise “£20”?? That’s what my Amex. Will folllow that up actually. Why £20? Would I get the unused balance back? That’s todo.


First stats via the SmoovApp. Convenient. I could be away in  the shop(s) and keep an eye on the charge levels. It also enables you set your departure time – courteous so – so other EV drivers in the are are aware that this point is in use, with ETA when it’s to be free. True so. As soon as we disconnected, and nearly left the Shell courtyard – another white leaf pulled into the station and gone straight for that single EV bay. Coincidence? I hope it’s those good courteous manners 😉


And at the end, you get this handy stats screen which you can choose to email to yourself. Nice.

its the same 25p per kWh – roughly double of what you’d pay at home. I regard this pretty darn reasonable. No connection charge or otherwise.

There was no membership to sign up for either. It was pretty simple pay and go, and it was my first time doing so, at this Borehamwood – Barnet location in north london, as map showes above.

It appears, due to cold (+6c outside) that my i3 only charges at 30kw – expected faster charging time to be honest. But since payment is by the kWh and not the time spend, I don’t have anyone to blame for cost-incurring consequence, for less-that-ideal charging speed (but maybe we need to have a chat Err BMW…)


hope this was helpful.

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