Bought Used Lexan twizy Windows. Snag? Repeated grazing against twizy roof left graze marks :/ see more

Very grateful to fellow (now ex) twizy owner who sold me his used twizy Lexon windows which he had leftover.

These are absolutely brilliant. Sturdy – no more more flappy window noise. And good seal too! Back seat passenger is now to be dry! And my wifey won’t need to wear a “head scarf” ever time she sits there due to continuous wind buffeting which “ruins her hair”. There we have it. It’s a win win and this purchase was “wife-approved-and-authorised” so I didn’t have to prepare much case study, to justify that.

(Is that just me or you folks do that also for your other halves? Full swap analysis, proposal, case study before toys-for-boys buys? 🙂 – ok – just me then…) 

these came with a good price but not without snags.

their repeated use has left marks on both windows.

well can’t have everything so I ambuying some fine scratch removal gear from eBay and will be reporting more in due course.

 but first, some youtube education…
novus 3,2,1? meguiar?