My Electric Charging Point Request to Brent Cross Shopping Centre, has had a response from Operations Team

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I taken it upon myself to get in touch with all the largest, and most visited retail park/shopping centre locations nearby, – to request a charging point to be installed on site.

The number of EV users in the Area has grown dramatically* (* in electric car ownership sense), from a mere few, to counted over dozen. While this is all greener transport and so on, – charging infrastructure, in Barnet borough, in particular is far from the convenience of Central London areas.

Charging points around the Borough of Barnet, are far and few, at the time of writing, Nov 27th, 2012.

And so, I have written to Brent Cross Shopping Center as well, asking if electric charging points are on the menu, and if so, when would we see those installed. Considering Westfield, Wood Green##Q##s The Mall, and even Harlequin in Watford, shopping centers have it, – I didn##Q##t see the issue asking for the charging point in return for my reliable loyal custom….

Back to the point, to the response, in particular;

We installed some charging points a few years back when the technology was maybe a little new and as a result these did not prove popular with our customers. However with technology moving forward rapidly and electric cars becoming more prevalent, we have recently started researching charging points.

I have passed your email onto our Environmental Coordinator who will be taking this matter forward.

I take it as good news. First: The Response; Second Legacy Attempt, and objective requirement further. Watch this space. I have introduced this Brent Cross operations contact to yet another contact at ChargePoint, who may certainly be able to help address their issue.

Question as always remains; How long to wait…?

Meanwhile all late trips to Brent Cross Shopping Centre will be without further charge, alas Brent Cross South Retail Park may recieve more of my custom, thanks for fast charging points, there is always Westfield and Harlequin Shopping Centres to take your hard earned custom to, – with either location offering Charging Facilities for Electric Vehicles.


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