Brighton: Electric car charging points to be upgraded

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ELECTRIC car drivers are set to be able to charge up their vehicles much quicker after plans were agreed to upgrade facilities in Brighton and Hove.

Environment, transport and sustainability committee members have voted to upgrade on-street electric charging points within the city and to install new on and off-street charging points over the next four years.

The first of new high-speed chargers will be installed at Withdean Stadium as part of a £2.4 million government-funded scheme.

The council has also agreed to hand over the administration of charging points in the city to a national body.

Among the newly-agreed improvements to the network will be an initial upgrade of up to half of the existing eight on-street electric vehicle charging points.

Council officers have said the existing “first generation” charge points are “slow” at 13 amps. Recent technological advancements mean 32 amp chargers can halve charge times.

Withdean Stadium will be the first location in the city to offer rapid chargers as part of a £2.4 million programme installing up to 40 of the models across the southeast of England. Upgrading charging points cost around £9,000 a time while introducing new chargers cost around £11,000.

The council spends about £10,000 maintaining the existing charge points.

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