Erm, good luck: Southern goes electric – encouraging car park users to plug in while they take the train

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Not that was asked for any feedback on this, or mistakes such as installing lots of charging points at the train station car park did not happen. For now, lets hope for the best and see how this goes;
AS the trend for alternative fuels for cars continues to grow – particularly with electric vehicles – Southern is installing 50 Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCPs) in station car parks across the Southern network, including at East Grinstead.

The charging posts, which cost £375,000, are being funded by the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) as part of a South East-wide initiative to install more points to connect with the Energise network.

Sales of electric vehicles are on the increase and the provision of EVCPs at stations supports Southern’s strategy to encourage more sustainable travel. » Read the rest of this entry «

Our Growing Electric Car Driver Facebook page is growing! Join in!

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Documenting all the travels with my electric Czero. There and Then. you can Follow me on Twitter: @evMeerkat . Facebook Page : or our EV Discussion Forum:



Snaps of the #London – #Brighton – #London #EV #roadtrip

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Once Upon Sunday,

We decided to head to Brighton. Now, being all electric and so forth, importance of the full charge rang the bell. A tad bit late. By time we got out the house at some 10.15am on Sunday 19c beautiful morning (its a rare treat) in the North London location, only there and then i realised the small importance of …”75%” charge. Well, there is no time to fret, we have a Road Trip to look forward to (pls gd, don’t let me get stranded)

And so we set off. » Read the rest of this entry «

Dropped Crawley Council an email regarding the charging points, lack of, in the area.

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I think its always prudent to be proactive and question so-called “green-motives” often displayed on the websites.

Naturally it does not hurt to have the latest from the Horse##Q##s Mouth so to speak, to ensure we are not mislead on the map.

Any resident in the Crawley Council Area, as per map, appears to suffer with only 2 charging points in the vicinity of the county##Q##s hall. That##Q##s it. No further installations are available.

Crawly is also strategically positioned between London and Brighton, and it would certainly and MUCH sought after, if thereabout location mid-way London-Brighton-London has had a rapid charging point. I can only imagine how much use those points would have by most keen EV Trip enthusiasts like myself and actually work-home-work commuters from SouthEast.

Even if its pound-coin operated!

Regardless. Just sent off a query to Crawley Council. Wait and See.


Where to charge my #EV Electric car. The Maps & Membership options. Read More.

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UK Charging MapFirst and foremost, thanks to some really creative and kind folks at nextgreencar, there is something called ZapMap.This will show all known working  (and not-yet-working) points across the UK





  • Down Local London Town – we have the biggest range or Electric Car Charging facilities thanks to Source London. Handy Map showing their location and if so PCN Car parking charges involved.

Want more good news? Your membership for one of “Source …East/London” will enable you to roam, and use the charging points in another Source Network. One £10 membership. Free Roaming.

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Research reveals predicted electric car boom at UK hot spot cities

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New research released today by British Gas reveals a predicted boom in the take up of electric cars in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Epsom and Brighton.

The study, which draws on Mosaic consumer classification data and references Green Segments insights from Experian, the global information services company, found that London’s East End is set to see a big boom in electric cars; with nearly 1 in 6 – over 36,000 – Stratford residents likely to buy one.

And with the recent regeneration of the area resulting in the development of a number of new eco homes, the electric car would certainly fit right in.

The new research identifies an emerging trend for electric cars in areas across the UK. It analysed the most likely types of people to buy an electric car, and then mapped out where in the UK these people live. The top five towns or cities likely to see an electric car boom are:

1: London

2: Glasgow

3: Edinburgh

4: Epsom

5: Brighton

British Gas is at the forefront of supporting this innovation. It is helping to make electric cars more accessible to more people by making them simple, quick, easy and safe to run through specialist advice and the installation of home charging points.

Dan Taylor, Director of New Ventures at British Gas said: “Electric cars are a safe and more environmentally friendly way of getting from A to B and there are now more ranges on the market, a developing infrastructure and increase in charging point availability. Our new research shows that driving an electric car can fit into a wide variety of lifestyles, so it’s no surprise to see a predicted rise in people embracing the technology and seeing the electric car as an increasingly viable option.”

Nigel Wilson, Managing Director, Data and Analytics at Experian Marketing Services said: “Our research shows that electric cars could soon be commonplace on the UK’s roads and suggests and shift in trends among UK consumers. Interestingly, the typologies of a typical electric car owner vary and can be quite surprising, particularly for those consumers who are reluctant to change other environmentally impactful behaviour.”

Experts predict that by 2020, electric vehicles could account for approximately ten percent of all cars sold in the UK. This equates to roughly 1.2 million UK households owning an electric vehicle.

British Gas is the preferred supplier of home charging units for the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle, the new Zero Emissions range of Renault EVs, Toyota’s new Prius Plug-in Hybrid, the Vauxhall Ampera, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Hitachi Capital’s EV lease offering, in the UK. These deals mean British Gas is on track to be the largest supplier of car charging points in Britain’s homes, supporting 70% of the domestic market this year.

Experian’s Green Segments classification categorises all UK consumers into types based on their awareness, behaviour and attitude towards ‘green’ issues, climate change and the environment. These types have been analysed to identify their likelihood of buying an electric car, and then their location in the UK identified.


by ClickGreen

Renault Zoe wins RAC Future Car Challenge

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The UK’s most affordable electric car is also its efficiency champion, as the Renault Zoe claimed the title as the Overall Production Car winner at Saturday’s RAC Future Car Challenge.

The third annual challenge, covering a 63 mile route between Brighton and London saw a host of electric, hybrid, hydrogen and low emission petrol and diesel cars pitted against each other.

Renault ZOE winner 2012

A reverse run of the classic London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, which itself took place on Sunday, spilt vehicles into two distinct classes; production and prototype.

Those taking part ranged from enthusiasts and independents driving their own vehicles to major car manufacturers including Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Vauxhall,BMW and Jaguar Land Rover. Many of the vehicles, such as the Vauxhall HydroGen4, Jaguar XJ_e PHEV and Renault ZOE are not yet on sale and have rarely been seen on UK roads.

Starting on Madeira Drive, on the Brighton seafront, the cars take a scenic route through the South Downs countryside before heading into London to join the Veteran cars for the Regent Street Motor Show.

Celebrity drivers

The event attracts a host of famous names, with participants this year including our columnist and Red Dwarf actor, Robert Llewellyn in a Vauxhall Ampera, Smooth DJ Mark Goodier in a Mitsubishi i-Miev, British Olympic swimmer Ross Davenport in aToyota Prius Plug in, Coronation Street actor Tony Hirst in a Nissan Leaf, and Top Gears’ former Stig, Ben Collins Gear in a Nissan Leaf.

Many of the famous names took part in association with British Gas, which entered a number of vehicles.

Celebrity drivers clockwise from top left are Olympic swimmer Ross Davenport, former Stig Ben Collins, actor Robert Llewellyn and land speed record holder Don WalesBen Collins, now Hollywood stunt driver said, “Over the years I’ve driven practically every car on the planet. The pace of change in technology has been phenomenal, especially for electric and hybrid cars where fuel efficiency is finally being matched by performance. That’s how Audi won the Le Mans 24 hours this year and how I hauled an electric-powered supercar like the Tesla around the Top Gear track as fast as a Ferrari!

“It’s great to be involved in the RAC Future Car Challenge with British Gas, because it’s British Gas which is rolling out the charging infrastructure to make electric cars and vans a practical reality. This superb event showcases just how far electric vehicles have come, how easy they are to use and how affordable they are to run”.

First introduced in 2010, the challenge is designed to showcase the possibilities of energy efficiency of modern vehicles. A real-world test of vehicle capabilities, the cars are judged on their efficiency rather than their speed.

This year the number of awards categories had been increased for production vehicles and prototype vehicles and included most energy efficient vehicles by size and type (saloon, sports car, light commercial vehicle etc.) best electric, extended range, hybrid, hydrogen and internal combustion engine vehicles.

Winners in the production class included the Vauxhall Ampera in the Most EnergyEfficient Regular Car class, the Mercedes-Benz E300 Hybrid in the Most Energy Efficient Luxury Car class, Renault Kangoo Z.E in the Most Energy Efficient Light Commercial Vehicle and the Vauxhall HydroGen4 in the Fuel Cell Vehicle class.

Prototype winners included the SAM Moto-e3 in the Most Energy Efficient Small Car class,  the Windreich AG ME 2012 in the Best Pure Electric Vehicle (EV), the XAM 2.0 in the Best Extended-Range Vehicle class and the Jaguar XJ_e in the Most Energy Efficient Luxury Car (E&F).

One step closer to London-brighton-London trip

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I received the parking permit for use when charging at Brighton & Hove.

result! – one step closer to making this 76mile (one way) trip on my EV Citroen.

And finally received the RF tag key to be used at Brighton##Q##s electric vehicle charging locations to unlock the plug.

See pic!

Very very grateful to Brighton council for support, since I don##Q##t live nor work there, – but very keen to push my evmeerkat EV to the max and beat anxiety range in the process.

This trip will certainly require careful planning and foreplanned pit stops possible for rapid charging on M25. Nonetheless. We##Q##re one step closer today.

Theoretically we ARE ready to just drive down there..

Aye, won##Q##t risk, surely.

Watch this space for updates!


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