Cheapest Electric Car Lease deal: BMW i3 Rex Lease Deal from £270/mth – because I signed up for it :D

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Behold, my up and coming BMW i3 is nearing the delivery date.

BMW I3 Platinum Gray! Gorgeous!

BMW I3 Platinum Gray Lease Deal!

Officially deal started on 6+35 Lease term and at the cost of £274/month – i quickly added up extras….

BMW i3 5 Door Hatch eDrive Range Extender Auto
Metallic or Fluid Black Paint, Standard Neutronic Interior, 19in
Streamline Alloys & DC Rapid Charge Preparation
10k/annum mileage term
6+35 month Rental Hire/Lease

Ironically i got in touch with a few leasing specialists in the past, and they tried to rubbish the deal! Shocking (not really)
Yes, VAT is included,
Yes its a Personal Lease,
Yes, you can just give the car back at the end of the term and that’s it.

But, another thing that i found baffling, is that insurance has actually dropped 40% compared to our Nissan Leaf ex-lease.
I know there are only 3-4 insurance group difference but this bites the biscuit. So, my monthly saving is even greater despite signing up for this great ride for the next 3 years.

This is why i lease EVs i guess, – No headache/hassle and i get to have a new ride every few years, without worry of resale(depreciation)/warranty issues.

So far i’ve had Citroen czero (mitsubishi imiev), Nissan Leaf, and now I3

(i did buy my twizy – cheaper to buy&sell, than lease on that one!)



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