Get Noticed: #ev Promo Opportunities for Business(es) in London with Twizy Wrap marketing

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And so, the year is up with marketing events here, there and some twizy wraps.
It’s Time to get new Advertising Sponsors for my ‪#‎Renault‬ ‪#‎Twizy‬ ‪#‎zeroEmission‬ ‪#‎ev‬ ‪#‎electricCar‬
What better way to get noticed by to wrap an already well attention grabbing quirky Ride being it a Renault Twizy, and put up marketing promo material along with it.
#evmeerkat #twizy marketing
Missing Get Signed up:
  •  Get Marketing Print from the likes of…
  • #Twizy My Daily Commute & merry rides about London Town
  • Enjoy Good Exposure for your business, in London. wink emoticon should be here 😀
First come first served as always. Please do share along.
Cost: £100/month – full or partial, however you like it.
All Contact; email me iam[at] or DM via Twitter (@evmeerkat)
…I should probably knock-up a separate website for this sort of thing…
#EV evangelising, hosting and #EVDA-UK does have it’s share of expenses, so it’s always with good reasons
Just Pulled a few examples from our World Wide Web
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Better Late than Never: Renault Twizy, or rather Nissan “New Mobility Concept” gets kudos

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The Verge Covers this story here:

The future of transportation is a tough thing to peg down. It could involve Hyperloops, or self-driving cars, or some strange mix of both. Two years ago, Nissan started up an experimental wing called “Future Lab” to address this shifting landscape. And the first project is the Nissan New Mobility Concept — a squat, four-wheel electric vehicle that Nissan has taken from Renault and modified for the United States.

Aside from different plugs, and a slower top speed of 25 miles per hour, it’s essentially the same thing as the original Renault Twizy. The doors swing open like they would on a Lamborghini, which is cool, but the rest of the vehicle is rather spartan. It has a tiny screen that shows you the battery level, range (up to 40 miles), and speed — but there’s no smartphone connectivity. One of the models comes with a rear seat, but good luck comfortably fitting a full-grown adult back there for more than a few miles. And there are no side windows, so you’re probably going to want to avoid driving one in anything other than the best weather.

Nissan brought a few of the New Mobility Concepts to Manhattan for the New York International Auto Show, and I got to drive one on a quick tour of Midtown. It’s nowhere near as fun as some of the other electric vehicles I’ve tried, like the Arcimoto SRK trike, or even an electric longboard. And sure, it doesn’t do well over bumps and potholes, the open-air design is sure to turn off a number of people, and I had to make myself forget what might happen if I got sideswiped by a bus. But it was otherwise a relatively enjoyable way to maneuver around the traffic that plagues 7th and 8th Avenues.

As someone who commutes more than an hour total every day, I’m constantly thinking about better ways I could get around this city. Uber and Lyft are popular options here, but so are CitiBike, ZipCar, and Car2Go. Something like the Nissan New Mobility Concept might someday have a home here, and by the time I parked it back in front of Madison Square Garden I found myself wishing that were the case.

What exactly Nissan will get out of the New Mobility Concept is hard to say because it’s still a young project. Josh Westerhold, Future Lab’s senior manager, tells The Verge that right now the team is focused on asking a lot of questions.

In fact, Westerhold rattled off a handful in a matter of seconds: “Is this a real trend? What would make a better product [for Nissan], if we need a better product? Is there interest? What are the demographic breakdowns? How do younger people use it, how do older people use it? How do females use it? How do males use it? How do those that are mobility challenged use it?”

But the most important questions, at least concerning Nissan’s involvement, are the last two Westerhold poses: what would the product and the business model have to look like?

Nissan is already searching for the answer to these last two. The company is six months into an exploratory program in San Francisco with the New Mobility Concept car. Future Lab partnered up with Scoot Networks, a sharing service akin to ZipCar or CitiBike that lets people rent electric scooters all around San Francisco. Nissan gave Scoot 10 of the little electric cars (branded as Scoot Quads in the city), and both sides are still trying to tease out answers to the rest of those bigger, broader questions.

Westerhold describes the contract between Nissan and Scoot as “semi-indefinite,” and that it’s still too early to say what the next step for the program will be. Nissan could give 100 more cars to Scoot just as easily as it could wrap up pilot program and move onto something else. (For what it’s worth, Westerhold says it hasn’t been easy — or cheap — for Nissan to import and convert the dozen or so vehicles that are here.)

For now, the two sides are happy to continue benefiting from the hands-on research and feedback that the program provides. That also means it’s not going to be sold here any time soon, so if the idea strikes you, you’re going to have to move to Europe and lay down €6,000 or so.

The New Mobility Concept is just one take on what urban transportation will look like in the future. It’s not the fastest or the sexiest, but after taking a spin in one it’s easy to see how it could play a part in the miniaturization, electrification, and personalization of our future cities.

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lronic Issue: The Big Problem With Electric Cars: They’re Too Reliable

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Matt Richtel has an intriguing article today in the New York Times about electric cars. The question is: why aren’t they selling better? Is it because they have weak performance? Because they can only go a hundred miles on a charge? Because they’re expensive?

Those are all issues.1 But it turns out that people who want to buy an electric car anyway have a hard time getting dealerships to sell them one:

Kyle Gray, a BMW salesman, said he was personally enthusiastic about the technology, but…the sales process takes more time because the technology is new, cutting into commissions….Marc Detsch, Nissan’s business development manager for electric vehicles said some salespeople just can’t rationalize the time it takes to sell the cars. A salesperson “can sell two gas burners in less than it takes to sell a Leaf,” he said. “It’s a lot of work for a little pay.”

He also pointed to the potential loss of service revenue. “There’s nothing much to go wrong,” Mr. Deutsch said of electric cars. “There’s no transmission to go bad.”….Jared Allen, a spokesman for the National Automobile Dealers Association, said there wasn’t sufficient data to prove that electric cars would require less maintenance. But he acknowledged that service was crucial to dealer profits and that dealers didn’t want to push consumers into electric cars that might make them less inclined to return for service.

I suppose this makes sense. And to all this, you can add the fact that none of these cars can fly. There are so many hurdles to overcome before we make it into the Jetson’s future we were all promised.

1We are, of course, talking about the non-Tesla market here.


Wow: Dyson might be building electric car, joining Apple and Google in looking to make vehicles of the future

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The company invested in a big battery firm earlier this year – and could be about to putting its power bricks into cars, says its boss
The company is “ruling nothing out” and might look to put its technology into a range of different uses, big and small, CEO Max Conze has said.

Dyson, most famous for its vacuum cleaners, might seem a strange fit for a car. But an increasing number of companies – including Google and Apple – are looking at making cars, as people move towards electric-powered and automatically-driving vehicles.

The technology companies hope that they turn their computers into cars faster than the car makers can turn start making driving technology.
Dyson made reference to Apple, which has been widely rumoured to be working on the technology.

Asked whether Dyson might join those companies – or Tesla, which has already built a business on its long-lasting car batteries – its boss said that it could already be exploring the possibility.

“We are ruling nothing out,” Conze said. “Like our friends in Cupertino we are also unhealthily obsessive when it comes to taking apart our products to make them better.”

Earlier this year, Dyson bought part of a battery company called Sakti3, which hopes to double the life of batteries of the future. Dyson says that it plans to use those in its hand-held vacuums – but didn’t rule out putting them into electric cars, too.

“But Sakti3 has the best remit to deliver breakthrough technology into other industries though I could not comment on what they are,” Conze said. “If you do what we do and invent disruptive technologies and have thousands of engineers working on these projects for as long as 15 years, then you want to keep that work in the lab” until it’s ready.

Free? Why Electric Cars may soon be even more Cost Effective

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Eco-friendly cars have long been a good investment for Londoners. Driving an electric vehicle means you are exempt from both congestion charges and VED (road tax) both pet hates of the average motorist. There are an abundance of charging points around the City and local government offer a grant that will give you up to 75 per cent off the cost of installing a domestic charge point. With no fuel charges and the majority of car journeys in and around London covering less than 10 km, an EV will often prove to be the most efficient choice.

Of course, depending on the model, they can be expensive to buy new, even with the local government grant of up to £5,000 towards the purchase of an electric car. It is my belief however that this won’t be the case for much longer. Some industry commentators believe that by 2020 only 2 or 3 per cent of the cars on our roads will be electric. The CEO of Renault-Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, believes the take-up will be much faster, with ten per cent of all new cars being electric-powered by 2020. Ford goes further still: Derrick Kuzak, Ford Group’s Vice President of Global Product Development has said that electric drive models could account for a quarter of Ford’s global automotive sales by 2020. » Read the rest of this entry «

Excellent news: Airport installs Merseyside’s first rapid car charging point

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LIVERPOOL John Lennon Airport has installed Merseyside’s first rapid charging point for electric vehicles in partnership with green energy company Ecotricity.

The facility is part of Ecotricity’s Electric Highway which forms part of the UK’s national network of electric charging stations.

Powered with 100% renewable energy from sun and wind power, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles cars such as the Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid or Nissan’s fully electric LEAF, can recharge in 20 to 30mins – about the time it takes to have a cup of coffee.

The new charging point is free to use and located in one of the Airport car parks, close to the terminal building.

Whilst use of the service is primarily aimed at passengers using the Airport, it is available for anyone to use, with access to its location free of parking charges too.

Andrew Dutton, LJLA’s head of environment, said: “We are proud to play a small part in the electric car revolution.

“The journey to the airport can be one of the major contributors to CO2 emissions associated with our business.

“By installing this charging point we are now giving those customers with electric or hybrid cars the opportunity to use these vehicles on a potential lengthy journey to the airport, relaxed in the knowledge that we have a charging point for them to use for their return journey home. Just as important though, this will also help to reduce CO2 emissions.”

#twizy #ev Marketing Wrap – #evmeerkat offers new service – promoting your business :) #london #zeroEmission #green

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#evmeerkat #marketing #zeroEmission #Green #business Promotion in London #NW4

#evmeerkat #marketing #zeroEmission #Green #business Promotion in London #NW4 – Example of Partial-Marketing-Wrap promotion Trial

Its one of those cases of one-too-many-electricCars-in-the-house, and since i get asked soo much and so often about the nature of my “interesting looking” ride, and whether its a “campaign/marketing” stunt and whatnot, whenever i travel around Town…

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Cheltenham Bikes installs electric car charging points at its Railway Station HQ

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Cheltenham could now become a hub for eco-conscious drivers with the successful installation of electric car charging points.

Cheltenham Bikes has added the car charging points at its Railway Station HQ and will enable those with carbon-conscious cars to stop off for a boost.

The business, which now runs the first RAPIDcar charging point in Cheltenham, and one of only four in the county, will enable drivers to fully re-charge their car in just 40 minutes.

Steve Short, director of Cheltenham Bikes and Compass Holidays said: “We’re really pleased to have the new car charging points, and we think they’ll prove really popular as a rapid charging solution.

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Really? Virgin could take on Tesla with electric car

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Virgin is working on electric cars and could one day take on Tesla, according to company founder Richard Branson. Speaking at a racing event in Miami, Branson said Virgin had “teams of people” working on electric cars but refused to be drawn on specific details.

The company’s Virgin Racing team already competes in the all-electric Formula E championship, a high-speed, battery-powered spinoff of Formula 1. Branson has now hinted that Virgin’s involvement could lead to the company selling its own electric cars.

“So you never know — you may find Virgin competing with the Tesla in the car business as we do in the space business. We will see what happens,” Branson told Bloomberg.
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www.Leasing.London All-Things-EV-Leasing for all #electricCar Best Leasing Deals and Offers. Partner up if you’re in business!

March 15th, 2015 § Comments Off on www.Leasing.London All-Things-EV-Leasing for all #electricCar Best Leasing Deals and Offers. Partner up if you’re in business! § permalink

This aims to grow and develop the Leasing with a unique domain – Leasing.London to simply… get Londoners #EV Leasing.

There has been a lot of interest in the leasing world.

And my personal take, – if you want a new EV tech, – lease it. If you want to own it, – buy it used, probably helped along the way. is enjoying some 25K avg traffic a month for all things relevant EVs in general news, as well as my leasing section which gets very frequent searches. In fact This website is on Front page Google for search terms “Cheapest Electric Car Lease“, – try google that now for yourself. [ are both the same @Evmeerkat’s playgrounds]


So, if you’re in business of Electric Car Leasing, – help to grow that Electric Car Community.

I am sure readers here would be all ears on the juicy Leasing Offer for that Nissan Leaf or the I3 you may be keen to offload. Win/Win. Happy to help with all that.


Leasing.London Domain launched in Q1 2015.

There is currently demo content which enjoys free exposure and odd 30k/month traffic

If you have a great range of Electric Car leasing Deals, – do get in touch with via DM @evmeerkat or iam[at]

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