Council aims to turbo-charge electric car use in Oxford

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Council aiming to turbo-charge electric car use in Oxford
AN ATTEMPT to jump-start Oxford’s slow uptake of electric vehicles is now in motion, with up to 30 new charging points arriving in the next 12 months.
People and businesses across the city are being called on to help develop the plan and find suitable places for the trial stations, which will be bought in the summer.
In April this year Oxford City Council received an £800,000 grant to add an extra 100 charging stations to the city – where only 85 people currently drive electric cars.
John Tanner, the council’s board member for climate change, said: “What we have at the moment is the early adopters, the enthusiasts.
“But with more plug-in points around the city, I think more people are going to take the plunge and buy electric vehicles.”
There are currently 13 on-street charging stations around Oxford, of which three, Summertown Car Park, Cowley Road and Worcester Street Car Park, have reported faults.
It is hoped the 100 new devices will begin to be rolled out in 2018, making make electric vehicle ownership possible for 16,000 extra homes.
Mr Tanner added that another barrier to more people making the switch was the initial cost of a vehicle, which he said was comparatively “quite high”.
But he added: “We have to get into our heads that although these vehicles cost a lot to buy in the first place, they are very cheap to run, and don’t pollute the atmosphere.
“A petrol or diesel vehicle is pumping nitrogen dioxide into Oxford’s atmosphere. To switch to renewable energy from fossil fuel is the right way to go.”
Those already driving an ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV) could struggle to get around Oxford due to a lack of available charge points.
Low Carbon Hub CEO Barbara Hammond, who lives in a terraced house on Osney Island, bought a Toyota Prius Plug-in hybrid – which can switch between electrical power and fuel-burning – three years ago.
She said: “When we get the space outside we would like to plug in from our house and use a ‘cable gully’ – a safe means of getting the cable across the pavement.
“If you live in a city being able to charge it is an issue. A lot of people would have an electric vehicle if they could be sure of charging it.”
Research recently carried out by the city council suggested one in five people would consider going electric with their next vehicle.
Giles Dobson, 37, the owner of Oxford River Cruises based at Folly Bridge, said he would definitely buy an electric car if there were a place to charge it.
The Lake Street resident said: “My introduction to electric vehicles was the boats we operate – they’re electrically propelled themselves.
“To me the attraction of electric vehicles is the environmental benefit primarily, but also they have company car and tax benefits.”
Mr Dobson was among a small group of Oxford residents who met with the council on June 8 to discuss having a charging point on their street.
He added: “Lake Street is one of the worst for on-street parking because of the community centre, the health centre and the swimming pool.
“This scheme would make it feasible for me to get an electric car.”


[img] Messy way to charge your car: hope it’s a one-off. 

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Typically charges are well tested to get o confirm to well known and relied-upon standards. But the issue I experienced is not with he unit per se, but acceptable plug dimensions.

You see, in my, Twizy charging joy – plug comes straight out the charging port – there is “only one”, as you may say, yet it is sized tad bulkier than what the replaceable plugs you may find, say at the kettle unit. For durability: wear and tear purposes, the charging unit does not support it.

In my case; original twizy plug didn’t plug in all the way, due to the extra bulk on the [particularly] width of the charging plug. This in turn would not let the pod close. This, in turn would not initiate the charging cycle. #fail.Luckily, a fellow EV driver did mention the issue in the past (which went in one ear and out the other with me – sorry) not that it was very helpful at that very point even if I realise what’s pears and what’s apples at time.

Luck has it, my trusty and emergency extension lead. You never know… Sorted the trick. See “after” photos with the White plug. That sorted it.

But it did leave the twizy being on charge in a very peculiar state of “look-like”…a mess.

Anyways, little birdie tells me these charging units (pod point?) are OEL? Will confirm. I also see new simikar(upgraded units being fitted about town, replacing both faulty and other units (which I used in the past without a hiccup) due to a possible support contract re-negotiation with Bollore(Source London)

Live and see. Comments? Leave below or DM. Otherwise do share along.

#EVDA UK Member’s Location Heat Map is Live

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These days it’s all about the metrics, statistics and visibility.

In an effort to tick the boxes of all the aforementioned EVDA ( – Electric Vehicle Drivers Association UK) has recently released a so called “Heat Map“. Purpose to visualise the EV association’s member base whereabouts. Which, beside being an interesting graphic, would enable future formation of regional workshops, QnAs, and EVDA Representatives in general.
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Audi joins hybrid SUV party with Q7 e-tron 2.0 TFSI quattro

April 20th, 2015 § Comments Off on Audi joins hybrid SUV party with Q7 e-tron 2.0 TFSI quattro § permalink

The world’s luxury SUV manufacturers have finally jumped aboard the hybrid bandwagon, with BMW, Volvo, Mercedes and now Audi preparing hybrid versions of their four-wheel drive family haulers. The Audi Q7 e-tron 2.0 TFSI quattro offers claimed best-in-class electric-only range thanks to a 17.3 kW/h fluid-cooled battery pack.


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White paper: Innovative on-street EV charging solutions

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While around 70% of UK households have access to an off-street location which can potentially be used for charging an EV, around 30% of UK households (40% in London) do not have a suitable location for home-based, overnight EV charging. This is potentially a significant barrier for EV adoption given the early stages of UK market development.
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Tech Update: Wireless Charging For Electric Vehicles Moves Closer

December 20th, 2014 § Comments Off on Tech Update: Wireless Charging For Electric Vehicles Moves Closer § permalink

The wireless electric vehicle charging network could be created sooner than expected following an agreement between two of the industry’s most significant players.

Qualcomm Incorporated – which has built a wireless charging system – has invested in Chargemaster PLC, a company that has produced over 27,000 vehicle recharging units.

Chargemaster claims this investment represents “an acceleration of the planned UK development, production and deployment” of a wireless vehicle recharging network. » Read the rest of this entry «

Electric B-Class now available to order

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The first volume production electric car by Mercedes-Benz – the B-Class Electric Drive – is now available to order.

Split into two model lines – Sport and Electric Art – the B-Class Electric Drive is capable of travelling up to 142 miles on a single charge and can accelerate from rest to 62 mph in 7.9 seconds thanks to its 180 hp and 340 NM of torque generated by an electric motor.

The new electric version retains the versatility of the B-Class on which it’s based, including the ability to carry five adults and a 501-litre boot – rising to 1,456-litres if you fold the seats down. In fact, according to Mercedes the B-Class Electric Drive boasts greater versatility and luggage capacity – with the seats both up and down – than any of its direct rivals.
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Finally: Mercedes’ first electric car goes on sale

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Mercedes-Benz has opened the order books for its first fully electric car in Germany; the new B-Class E-Cell.
Based on the combustion B-Class hatchback, the new E-Cell model is due to go on sale across Europe later this month.
But details have already emerged about price and specifications that customers in Germany can expect to enjoy, giving us a better idea of what to expect when the B-Class arrives here.
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Nice one: Peter Boyall’s Road #evRoadTrip – Glasgow to Peterborough by LEAF

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“Peter’s trip as it happens”

Pictures and brief journey log attached.

Total Trip Statistics: 315 miles, total cost = 0 (okay, a bit for tyres ..)

Hamilton 0700 – not charged since leaving the dealer the day before, just a normal car park.


Killington 0730 – took a while to work out how to operate the charger and then had an amusing “oh no, the car is broken” moment as I had turned it on while charging – disconnect the charger and it appears to be on but is not in “Ready to Drive” mode. You can take off the handbrake … and roll backwards with no drive, no power steering and no brakes … panic stabbing of the power button soon got me going 🙂 » Read the rest of this entry «

UK: Motorways to have charging stations for electric cars to encourage more people to switch to battery-powered vehicles

May 21st, 2014 § Comments Off on UK: Motorways to have charging stations for electric cars to encourage more people to switch to battery-powered vehicles § permalink

Motorways are to become ‘electric superhighways’ in an attempt to persuade drivers to switch to battery-powered cars.

‘Supercharging stations’ are to be installed on several major roads by the end of the year, enabling electric cars to travel across the country in one trip for the first time. Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk is fitting the devices, which can charge the Tesla electric cars his company makes in 20 minutes, giving a range of 130 miles. This is far faster than most current electric cars, which often require overnight charging and have a range of under 100 miles.

Tesla sIt means electric car owners will be able to drive large distances across Britain without concerns about running out of power, known as ‘range anxiety’.

The first network will stretch from Dover to London along the M20, cover the entire M25 and follow the M4 from London to Bristol and the M1 and M6 to Manchester via Birmingham.

Tesla declined to say which service stations would be used, but installation work was reported to be almost complete on the South Mimms services at the junction of the M25 and the A1 in Hertfordshire.
The network will also expand across much of Europe to enable owners to take the Channel Tunnel and drive on the Continent.

Tesla hopes motorists will be able to take its cars from northern Norway to southern Spain by the end of 2014.

Drivers will be able to get a range of 240 miles for 40 minutes charging or 300 miles for 75 minutes charging with a Tesla Model S Performance Plus car, which costs £70,000.

Motorists do not have to wait with the car while it is charging. Tesla drivers will have unlimited access to the network for either a one-off fee or included in the top price of the cars.
Mr Musk was announced as the Government’s ‘electric car tsar’ in November. Despite efforts by the Government’s Office for Low-Emission Vehicles, which has £900 million of taxpayers’ cash to play with, electric cars have so far failed to spark much interest in the British motoring market.

Delivery of Nissan Leaf Electric Car for @evMeerkat
Only 1,547 pure electric cars were registered in Britain from January to April this year, just 0.18 per cent of total car sales.

A major drawback has been problems for motorists who are trying to find a public charging point on the street or at a supermarket and making sure they have the right cable for it.
Edmund King, president of the AA, said that Tesla could be a ‘game changer’ for the top end of the market.
He said: ‘The car looks good and is desirable. If it can be partially charged in 20 minutes and has a 300-mile range, then it should satisfy 98 per cent of drivers.’
Ecotricity and ChargeMaster are also expected to develop high-speed charging networks, but cars using them are not expected to have such a long range.

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