London Camden Charging Points no longer supported by SourceLondon/Bollore due to lack of agreement

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CamdenCharger3_ID Much like any other #ev Londoner, if there is such a thing, we can certainly come across charging points in London. The one closest to me, for example exhibits an intermittent fault.
This time, it would not recognise the RFID.CamdenCharger2_FaultyRFID CamdenCharger Irony in Camden. SourceLondon Charger not working. via @Evmeerkat

Since it was a weekend, and i am pretty sure that Source London offices are not open on such “occasions”, i have taken enough snaps for sharing on twitter via @evmeerkat, with a plan to report this fault later, like on the day like… today.

Speaking of SOURCELONDON, they Customer Service number has now also changed from 0845 850 0653 to 0203 056 8989, which should be a welcome chance, as this number is usually part of your “inclusive” landline minutes that you would get on your mobile phone.

Back to the subject matter, once on the phone, a french accented lady has informed me that this particular point, by hampstead heath is in Camden, first reported faulty in November 2014. As indeed it is. Further prompt to elaborate on the fact, i was advised that SourceLondon NO LONGER SUPPORTS the Charging Points in Camden Borough, The Only Borough in London with such, in my view, EV FAIL.

All support ceased back in January/February 2015, this is when, i believe SOURCELONDON, taken-over by the French Group Bollore, held such negotiations on support contract extensions.

As the Mere EV Driver. We are evidently screwed.
Wish to Vent your frustration, be my guest.

For now, you are welcomed to get more response from Camden Mayor/Council, because my request for more information fall on deaf ears so far :/

Irony on a Scale

While, This “issue” is/long time persistent, Camden Council appears to have changed very little of it’s policy…i.e. get those points fixed/agreements extended and indeed invariably reduce emissions in it’s own borough. Whatever the reasoning behind this, it’s at quite some odds with it’s own policy, or at least what i can read, today, on Camden Council Official gov site.



The story, saga rather, with all-but-few working Electric Vehicle Chargers in Camden Continues, despite being first reported back in February 2015, which, at it’s best, highlights the poor management and lack of foresight in Camden Council. “There to serve it’s people”… is typically what councils are for. Ironically, no longer true. Not at this rate anyway.


All the moaning, but “what can I do”

Much like myself, Get in Touch with the Mayor! Here are all the details

Address Civic Floor CamdenTown Hall Judd Street London WC1H 9JE

Email Send an enquiry
Phone 020 7974 2727
Fax 020 7974 5881
Details : Mayor 2014-15 Councillor Lazzaro Pietragnoli, Deputy Mayor Councillor Larraine Revah. The Mayor’s Office provides specialist administrative, project and event management support and advice to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

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