Tesla To Expand Supercharger Network In UK To 20 Locations

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Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) To Expand Supercharger Network In UK To 20 Locations

It was not long ago that Tesla decided to bring its electric car recharging stations to the UK, with the automaker expected to construct nine Supercharger stations in a span of six months. But, it looks like the company will be fulfilling its promise in just three months, as the Palo Alto-based automaker recently decided to expand its UK presence by covering 20 locations for its Supercharger stations.

To expand electric vehicle (EV) business internationally, Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk been promoting the Model S. The billionaire hopes that the electric sedan will be driven all across the world, which would benefit from Tesla’s amazingly quick charging stations.

It looks like Elon Musk has learned his lesson from the recent debacle in China. While the demand for Model S has been high in they country, drivers have complained about the limited Supercharger stations available. This concern was highlighted by Mr. Musk at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this month, as the mastermind behind the all electric Tesla revealed that the company would not be able to meet its 2020 profitability outlook due to the disappointing performance in China.

This update evidently didn’t please investors, as the Tesla stock dropped 6% during the following day trading. In response, the Tesla CEO has redoubled his efforts to construct more charging stations for the company’s EVs.

Providing additional support and infrastructure for these stations is probably the biggest growth hurdle for the US automaker – similar to the chicken and egg problem. EVs are useless unless they are supported by fast charging facility.

It takes two to three hours for electric cars to replenish their lithium ion electric batteries from standard public charging station – a little bit too much of a wait. However, at Tesla’s Supercharger stations, EV owners can charge 80% of their car batteries in just half an hour.

According to the latest reports, Tesla is extending its Supercharger facilities to several areas in the UK, including Exmouth and Northampton. The automaker will also be building Supercharger at Sainsbury’s locations in Winchester and Bristol.

This could be seen as a move to scare off other EV competitors in the emerging market, especially General Motors Company (NYSE:GM), who is set to release the Chevy Spark later this year. GM recently expanded the availability of city car Chevy Spark EV in Maryland, after it proved to be a success in Oregon and California. By expanding its charging station network, Tesla might win over the UK population and help Elon Musk achieve his goal of selling mass market electric cars. The automaker has plans to release the low-priced Model 3 by the end of 2017, which will have a starting price of $35,000.

Tesla stock traded down 0.78% on Friday, closing at $203.60.

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Glasgow shopping centre installs first rapid charging point

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A shopping mall near Glasgow has become the first shopping centre in Scotland to install a rapid charging point.

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Electric car project explores second life for batteries

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A new project will explore the possibility of using old electric car batteries for energy storage in both domestic and workplace settings.

Commissioned by Gateshead College’s low carbon subsidiary, Zero Carbon Futures, the new 2nd life for EV batteries project will explore using old batteries-which lack sufficient driving range for use in electric cars- as energy storage to provide emergency power to buildings, feed energy back to the grid or even recharge electric cars that are still on the road. » Read the rest of this entry «

German, Japanese firms to improve electric car batteries

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Three companies from Germany and Japan say they’re teaming up to revolutionize batteries to be used in electric vehicles. The firms aim to extend the travel range and reduce the weight of their batteries.

German car parts giant Bosch as well as Mitsubishi and GS Yuasa of Japans announced on Thursday that they had decided to set up a joint venture to develop lithium-ion batteries for electric cars.

“These batteries are fundamental for future forms of mobility, such as plug-in hybrid or all-electric vehicles,” the firms said in a joint statement.

They added that the research and development project would start operations in Stuttgart, Germany, in early 2014, with production expected to kick off four years later.

The three companies said they planned to drastically boost the capacity of lithium-ion batteries to enable electric cars to travel about 400 kilometers (249 miles) once charged. That would be a major improvement on the 180 to 240 kilometers achieved so far.

Two times lucky?

GS Yuasa spokesman Yasushi Yamamoto pointed out that the joint venture also aimed at reducing the weight and volume of the batteries in question.

Germany‘s Bosch will contribute the quality management and development of control systems, while GS Yuasa will be responsible for manufacturing and Mitsubishi for marketing. Bosch will hold a 50-percent stake in the venture, with the two Japanese companies each investing a 25 percent stake.

For Bosch it’s the second foray into the future-oriented market of electric car batteries. It had a first go at it back in 2008 when it teamed up with Samsung SDI of South Korea. But the alliance broke up in September of last year as it became obvious that the partners’ business plans did not match.

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