Twizy charge cover/lid/flap fix: no more weak joins and broken covers (hope) read more…

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Like some of you fellow daily twizy commuters and “EV-mileage-clockers”, I too have had experience mixed experience with this flipping* flap, which has already come off clean in the past.
The joins onto which the cover is joined(heat-pressed?) Are thin, so with such small surface area, the daily usage does tend to simply ends up with you holding your charge flap in your hand one day as it comes clean off. That’s the good scenario – unlike the scenario where it forms off mid-driving. 

Last such flap-repaid I have done “by the book” – evidently this design eventual fault is a result of poor testing(twizy is indeed one of the kind) and so such not-fit-for-purpose flap should simply be replaced under warranty. And so it was.

Sad thing is, it was replaced by the very same design of the flap.#palmface

I have informed Renault of this snag and made my recommendation. So the fact that “no one has reported this issue before” (in the uk) tallies with the fact that I’m only has less than 1000 of these twizys in Total. And I doubt most even get high mileage, this regular charging – regular use case of opening, closing the charging cover simply isn’t happening on naughty frequency and volume, enough to warrant any sensible level of “complaint”, which is to cause a knee-jerk reaction for Renault to do anything about. #anotherFacePalm

So, where are we today? Well, for the second time  …. Charging flap, lid, plastic cover, – whatever you call it, – broken clean off.

This time, thanks to keen fellow #Twizy owner’s advice, it was time to remedy this issue once and for all, by getting some DIY permanent fix to this snag. Once and for all.

There are videos on these alternative repairs and I suppose everyone has their way of doing things. 

What I found, is essentially, it’s quite easily salvageable. 

Here is my DIY repair process:

  • Remove the whole cover(well, the remaining base really), held down by 4 torx screws.
  • You will see the thing metal rods holding the plastic remnrants of pivots if you can call them that. Pull the rods out to take out the useless Z-wire.
  • Put the rides back with those plastic “ex-brackets” back on.
  • Note that if you turn the remaining brackets further back, it could sit flush with the cover again.
  • Measure, measure, measure (centre of each bracket, and nail through or drill a guide hole right through each the bracket and then the cover, on both sides.
  • What I realised is that those torx screw(black) would do the ideal job holding this all together well enough (it’s all plastic afterall). Use the short torx screws to keep the lid in place.
  • Find other torx screws to make up the 4 required to attach the whole setup back onto twizy.
  • Have beer and admire your work.

Note that no-one knows how successful my fix will be in the long long run. It works nice, it’s good and I will be sure to post any updates for anything what goes amiss.

The video mentioned prior (thanks Christian! @cTwizy ) does use bolts and nuts to hold this lid to the those plastic brackets. It may be an even better option, but I could not source black(ideally) bolts and nuts and washers just yet, and last thing I wanted to do is lose the cover/lid since I drive-ride my twizy daily.

Maybe once I source the necessary bits to get this redone at a later date, but for now, this feels study and works well.

So hope this post have been useful!

Live and tell!

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