ICED Justice: Council powers on with plan to install more electric car charging points in North Lincolnshire

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COUNCIL bosses are looking to increase the number of locations to charge electric cars in North Lincolnshire.

It comes after 88 of the vehicles were registered in the area in the first quarter of this year – up from 33 in the whole of 2014.

Electric cars run on electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries, or other energy storage devices, and are said to be more efficient than standard petrol-fuelled vehicles.

North Lincolnshire Council is currently conducting a study into where charging points could be located in town centres. They would add to the two points currently available for charging the cars, both at garages in Scunthorpe.

Council leader Liz Redfern said she wanted to ensure more facilities were available for electric car owners locally, to stop them having to leave the region.

She said: “There seems to be a significant increase in the sales of electric cars locally.

“The technology seems to have advanced and residents are clearly considering them as a real option for travel.

“However, we don’t want our town centres to be disadvantaged if electric car owners are limited to where they can travel to.

“I am told that there were 88 new registrations of electric vehicles in the first quarter of this year.

“For me, that means we need to make sure our 88 vehicle owners use our town centres instead of other towns with these charging points.”

The Zap Map website, which gives the locations of charging points, shows there is currently one at the Marshall Motor Group’s Renault dealership on Normanby Road, Scunthorpe.

The other existing charging point in North Lincolnshire is listed as being at the Hartwell Nissan dealership on Station Road in the town.

Mrs Redfern said exact locations for where the new facilities could be located had not yet been identified.

But she said: “They will be in prominent car parks, but there is a bit of infrastructure work to do before we can put them in.”

Figures show a total of 10,174 plug-in electric vehicles were registered nationally from 2006 to March 2014.

Around three-quarters were being run by businesses and local authorities in fleets, where they can help to meet emissions targets and reduce operating costs.

Electric cars are exempt from vehicle tax and have significantly lower running costs than petrol or diesel-fuelled vehicles.

But their relatively low sales so far have been blamed on high purchase costs and anxiety over their mileage range.

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