Top UK #electricCar #EV #PHEV Charge Cable Prices! – British Based

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EvMeerkat has joined forces with EV OneStop to help promote the best priced charging cables around. EV OneStop, a British based company which offers customers warranties on all products as well as free UK delivery, operates a ‘price match’ system – guaranteeing that their prices cannot be beaten.

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On Hold: London to Amsterdam by #EV #electricCar #green “Proof of Concept”. Oh Brave #evMeerkatTrip Leg 1&2

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Update: Following European travel experience update from TransportEvolved, My trip is on hold to enable further, better planning…


As the sales of the Electric Cars slowly grow, its inevitable that travelling interCity, or taking the car further out of it’s designated Comfort Zone, venturing well into the Range Anxiety area would not be a novel concept for the few. In fact, considering that More and More #ev buyers are found to be younger and more affluent, and while retaining a good responsible credit rating, still, as i would interpret, – less conservative regarding “pushing the EV limits”. Don’t shoot me down, thats just my two penny’s worth on the topic here. I guess I fall in the same category, and incidentally indeed am willing to test the Comfort Boundaries of Range Anxiety on the inter”-state” #evRoadTrip.

My Plan, if you kept up with my rambling, is to Make it from North London to Amsterdam. » Read the rest of this entry «

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