White paper: Innovative on-street EV charging solutions

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While around 70% of UK households have access to an off-street location which can potentially be used for charging an EV, around 30% of UK households (40% in London) do not have a suitable location for home-based, overnight EV charging. This is potentially a significant barrier for EV adoption given the early stages of UK market development.
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Japanese carmakers unite for universal EV charging network

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Over to Japan now, where the country’s motoring giants; Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi are launching a new initiative to expand the number of electric car charging points in the country.

The four motoring giants are jointly establishing a new company called Nippon Charge Service to promote the installation of charging facilities for electric cars, which will be accessible through the use of a single charging card.

Through the new company, the firms will subsidise the cost of installation of new charging facilities, and combined with government grants, will successfully cover the entire cost for relevant applicants.

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Green Good: Electric car sales speed up as UK plugs in to global trend

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If you live in west Manchester and have a plug-in electric car, one of the few places you can charge it is the Irlam and Cadishead leisure centre. But since the public point was installed a year ago, only one car has used it, according to centre manager Natalie Wareham.

That may soon change. Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show that, while there was just a handful of electric cars on the road three years ago, there are now nearly 10,000, with 1,200 electric vehicles sold in March, compared with 270 in the same month last year. Meanwhile 10,200 hybrid cars – using electricity and petrol or diesel – have been sold in Britain this year, up 45% on last year. » Read the rest of this entry «

Shanghai: Electric car owners are switching on to personal charging systems

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A growing number of electric car owners are applying for private charging facilities at their homes in an effort to rid themselves of the constant worry of running out of steam.

Shanghai Power Co said it has received 140 applications for home-based machines, but has so far given the go-ahead for just 30 of them.

Despite the obvious appeal of owning a private power source, having a system installed is not easy, the company said.

First, applicants must own a private parking space. Then they need to get approval from their property manager or neighborhood office to have the equipment installed, it said.

Once that’s sorted, the power company will check to see if the local network and conditions at the site are appropriate for the installation. In many cases they are not, it said.

One of Shanghai Power’s newest customers is a man surnamed Du, who had a private charging facility installed in his garage at his home in downtown Huangpu District.

Du said he bought the system for its convenience. His daily commute to work is a 20 kilometer round trip, which meant he had to charge his car every other day.

With the new machine he can charge the vehicle overnight, and he never has to worry about finding a place to top up in the busy city.

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Slowly yet surely: Electric car charger points installed across Exeter

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New car charging facilities are being installed across Exeter to encourage more people to use electric vehicles.

From Friday (28 March) drivers will be able to charge electric vehicles at four key sites in the city, with four more to follow by 21 21 April, thanks to the City Council’s successful bid for government funding from the Office for Low Emission Vehciles.

The chargepoint facilities will be located at the following sites and each serve two vehicles, providing electric charging for residents and visitors to the city, Council employees and fleet vehicles:

• John Lewis Car Park (from 28 March)

• Guildhall Car Park (from 28 March)

• Mary Arches Car Park (from 28 March)

• Oakwood House office (from 28 March – fleet and staff only)

• Matford Park and Ride (by 21 April)

• Civic Centre (by 21 April)

• Cathedral and Quay Car Park (by 21 April)

• Magdalen Street Car Park (by 21 April)

Cllr Rachel Sutton, Deputy leader of Exeter City Council, said: “Zero emission electric vehicles make a significant contribution to reducing environmental harm and improving local air quality.

“In providing these facilities we’re hoping to encourage more people to switch to electric vehicles. As people become aware of the growing network of charging points and the choice and reliability of vehicles currently on the market, I’m sure we will see more and more electric vehicles on our roads.”

Electric Vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions, making a beneficial contribution to local air quality. For this reason the chargepoints installed by Exeter City Council will be free to use, supporting the use of electric vehicles and the practicality they now offer (parking charges still apply in Council car parks). In some locations solar panels will offset the electricity chargepoints use, however longer term the Council will review the use of the chargepoints and the cost of this facility.

Signs advertising the charging facilities have been sponsored by Westerly Exeter BMW. BMW will also be promoting electric vehicles on Friday (28 March), when the national BMW i Tour comes to Exeter and five BMW i3 cars will be available for test drive throughout the day at Westerly on Marsh Barton Trading Estate.

Japanese carmakers team up for electric car charging

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From Toyota’s iconic Prius to Nissan’s ground-breaking LEAF electric car, Japanese carmakers have been at the forefront of the green car revolution: and now they are set to combine their collective powers to push electric car charging more to the forefront in their home country.

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Much to know about #Noway and their #ElectricCar Population – learned on the very recent trip…

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Tesla Roadster, a REVAi and a Th!nk City at a free parking and charging station inOslo, Norway. The country has the largest electric car ownership per capita in the world.[130]

As of October 2012, a total of 9,212 electric-drive cars have been registered in Norway,[131] the largest fleet of electric cars in Europe, making Norway the country with the largest EV ownweship per capita in the world, with Oslo recognized as the EV capital of the world.[130][132][133] EV registrations are concentrated in three countiesAkershus with 2,512 units and 620 charging points; Oslo with 1,993 units and 836 charging stations; and Hordaland, with 862 electric cars and 518 recharge points.[131]

Cost of Driving: Honda Accord 2000reg automatic 2.0 vs #ElectricCar 10k miles/year. Save £1700+/year. Read More

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Superb Website – http://www.whynotelectric.com/fuel-calculator/

You can make great savings by switching to electric. Not only will your annual petrol costs be lower but you switching your car to electric can help you save in other ways too:

  • Significant benefit-in-kind taxation advantages for businesses
  • No road tax
  • Maintenance costs around 20% lower than petrol or diesel cars or vans
  • Grants for charge points in the workplace
  • Free electricity and free parking in prime locations when charging through the Charge Your Car network.

My Colleague has a typical Honda Accord, i thought i would “run some figures” to give a fuel cost indicator to help establish whether keeping an old car is “cost effective” in the “long run” or its more reason to change the car.

Bear in mind, we are both residents in London with access to charging facilities in London (SourceLondon scheme) and charging facilities at work.

Ok. The Result:

The annual cost of fuel for your car (Honda Accord Auto 2.0L 2000 30MPG)


Annual cost of electric for electric car

Impressive News. Service stations with range of charging facilities for EV users. Time to go further. ^.-

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Now, remember on my trip to Scotney Castle back in September 2012…? Back when i was very EV zelaous and keen to overcome the notion of range anxiety, by driving as far as i could (naturally with planning).

And we all know what happened.

he wrong turn, the wasted mileage, and the charging point, being the only one for miles around, deciding to go “faulty” on us. Sad early feat. Needless to say, I made as much point about this incident as possible to cater “plan B”, to mitigate such instances of “Single Point of Failure”.

What was needed is the slow (at least, the usual home plug, alternative) charging facility, so we could at least get back to EV Civilisation of London##Q##s realm, and topup along the route home as often/long as necessary. Nevertheless, such was not the case, but despite that, Citroen Assist was very convenient to take us all the way back home.

Regardless,one should never be left in the situation without “fuel” and feeling stranded. This was simply uncool, unpleasant, and quite, naturally, worrisome, – experience of pioneering the Electric car, back then, back fired on me (us – for passengers with me at the time)


Good news on horizon. Things are changing. For the Better.

Whether this episode got out, or we learned a little more common sense… we wont know. I have indeed come across a great example of the service station  catering for all types and speeds of charge delivery. No more single point of failure for our electric car journeys! (hopefully).

Behold, We, EV users can now drive further than before and charge faster and most importantly at far greater number of locations.

I am impressed.

And not because its free to charge your car (it is so, for time being, and i suspect it to stay) but because we are no longer limited to london central, specific boroughs, or slow charging options (as predominately). I say its about time to invest on that £200 fast charging cable, dont you think?


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