Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Vehicles

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Throughout this page we refer to Electric Vehicles as EV’s.

What sort of Electricity does an Electric Car use?

Were often asked this …its ‘normal’ electricity that you have in your house.

Where can I fill up an electric car?

From your house with a 3 pin plug, or an street charger yes it really is that simple.

How van I get a free home charger?

Yes as of today you can ask for a 16 amp wall mounted home charge unit. Be quick as the Government has limited funding and a cut off date of April 2015 or until the funding runs out. You need to have an EV first, once you sign up, you can get it from any electrical installer, read more here.

How fast does an Electric Vehicle charge?

This can be confusing at first, I will keep it simple.

They come in 3 basic levels of rate of charge;- (See the Shop)

1. Type 1 . This is via a 3 pin wall socket and most EV’s have a 3 pin charger with the vehicle. This will charge at 10 amps–which means that in 1 hour you will have 9-10 miles of range added to the battery. A Nissan Leaf at home will recharge in 7-8 hours at 10 amps (ideal for cheap rate overnight tariffs)

2. Type 2 . This is a cable that fits into chargers at motorway service stations (Welcome Break is one) and charges at 16 amps. This gives 18-20 miles of range added to the battery in 1 hour. This is also the same 16 amps charge rate as a wall mounted home charge unit. Buy your cable here.

3. Fast/Rapid charge This is available at Nissan dealers and Ikea stores and Welcome Break service stations, and at around 70amps can completely charge your car (to 80%) in around 25 minutes.

How far can I drive My Electric Car?

On average around 80-90 miles (Nissan /Renault and others say 110 miles plus, but in everyday use 80-90 is more realistic) Your driving style will also affect the range ,driving an EV does make you a more relaxed driver, and its great seeing how you can increase your range whilst you drive too.

With Ecotricity’s Electric Highway (Ecotricity’s Electric Highway), its now possible to drive from London to Leeds via Welcome Break service stations and the fast charge network (an ongoing roll out of a nationwide network of fast chargers). Also Have a look at – all charging locations in the UK.

How much does it cost to charge my electric car at home?

On an overnight cheap tariff around £1.80 ! We do not notice it on our electricity bill at all, and if you have PV (solar panels)on your roof ,the cost is even less ! We get an income of around £1000 a year from our PV (with the Feed In Tariff payments) to ‘fuel’ a Nissan Leaf for 12,000 miles costs around £400 in electricity, so our fuel is on our roof , with £600 in change !

How much does a public charge cost?

Most do not charge (as in ask for money !!) as the amount in £’s is so small. For example, in the case of Welcome break, with 25 minutes on hand you will probably buy a coffee, in which case Welcome break have earned some money from your spending!

You may require a swipe card to access the public chargers, most of which are free ,some have a small yearly subscription (around £10).

At Home, overnight you are looking (depending on tariff) About £2.70, to £4.00 Daytime Tariff. (example based on me) To work it out – get KwH Price x Total Battery Capacity which is 24 kWh battery pack – which consists of 48 modules.. Anyhow you will see it’s about 10p/kwh and you have 24kwh battery = total cost of charge => £2.40

Will I need to pay the Congestion Charge in London for my electric car or van?

No,electric vehicles are 100% Congestion Charge exempt ,I will happily fill in all the forms for you.

I live over 100 miles away, how can I get to you at Eco Cars?

If you’ve watched the video tour of the car you’d like , and spoken to me, them I’m happy to transport your EV to your door with our 4×4 and trailer. Simple!

delivery of your new electric carI also collect customers from East Midlands Airport (a number of EV’s have gone to Ireland and customers have flown in, then driven the EV back to Ireland)

Service costs for an Electric Vehicle?

Very, very low, as there’s no oil, clutches, pistons, spark plugs, belts etc. Most EVs require a yearly check on the brakes, tyres, lights and a pollen filter change (this keeps the inside of the car smelling nice!) All it costs is around £100 for a yearly check over. My Personal EV service on my evmeerkat cost me £109 and recent Nissan Leaf Service also cost me £109.

Life of the batteries in an Electric Car?

To date I’ve yet to read of any modern EV’s requiring new batteries , most vehicles have a modules set up. The Nissan Leaf consists of 48 modules and each module contains four cells, a total of 192 cells. If the range starts to drop, all that is required is to replace the module or cell that’s causing the problem. It’s a myth that the whole battery will need replacing.

Nissan guarantees the batteries health to remain 9/12 bars for up-to 5 years.

Costs of battery replacement in an electric vehicle?

As battery technology improves, costs are reducing. In years to come it may be possible to retrofit a set of batteries to increase the range and performance of the vehicle.

Also, Recent Announcement in 2014 about Nissan Leaf (particular) battery replacement programme enables all out-of-warranty Nissan Leaf owners to replace their car battery for £4,200 thereabout.

You can read of an owners account of a Nissan Leaf with 78,000 miles on the clock which he’s done in 2 years (Nissan leaf owner with 78,000 miles) There has been no loss in range or power. There are also UK based Nissan Leaf owners with over 30,000 miles covered and the cars are still running fine.

See Electric Cars for Sale

Rapid EV chargers coming to North East

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Northumberland County Council is installing 20 multi-standard electric vehicle (EV) chargers from ABB to provide the county’s electric car drivers with convenient charging locations to extend their range.

The installation is part of a network of over 500 rapid charge points nationwide, part funded by OLEV (Department for Transport’s, Office for Low Emission Vehicles). It is one of OLEV’s largest rapid charging electric vehicle projects and was awarded to ABB by Jewson on behalf of Northumberland County Council. » Read the rest of this entry «

London – Peak Disctrict – London. My first #electricCar Long distance #evtrip

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I have poked about the long distance EV trip for a while. However each time i can close to realising that trip, – something Else always came up. I began doubting the actual excuses (however real and plausible) and even contemplated whether its subliminal reluctance, or the amount of planning that has to go into any EV trip what put me off.

Weeks following the “inception” of such #evtrip, i finally found “enough is enough”, and its time to “Just do it”.

Apologies for possible excessive “speech” marks i tend to go with, but quotes are quotes, merely respecting the literacy.

Ok, Lets be fair, the #evTrip idea has become more balsy, once Robert Llewellyn and David Peilow have successfully completed the #evtrip from London to Edinburgh! It was truly inspiring and furthered the realisation how far we have really come. A year ago, in my all electric Citroen Czero (as per blog’s original domain name) i barely made trips to Brighton and Oxford, gleaming of joy whenever it was a hitch-free ride.

I wont lie, travelling on all electric car, with maximum range, as showed as 80 odd miles on motorway (or tad less) on even MK2 EV being Nissan Leaf Acenta is, was, rather quite daunting. Afterall we’re talking about 155 miles each way on average. Thats nearly twice of the car’s all electric range. » Read the rest of this entry «

Electric car charging locations now in demand

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Electric car charging locations now in demand

Locations for electric car charging stations are starting to command a price, because charging stations are now generating commercial revenue returns.

Generous payments for publically-accessible locations are now being offered by operators of electric car charging stations, according to sustainable development consultancy, Electric Village.

The London-based firm, which helps installers find locations for EV charging points, says it currently has over 50 open instructions to find host locations around the UK.

For a five-year tenure, new charge point hosts such as shops, hotels, airports, train stations, car parks and even apartment buildings could expect an annual retainer fee of up to £750 per location from the operator, the consultancy advises. In addition, all hardware, installation, servicing, legal and insurance is provided free of charge. Businesses are then able to market the charging points by setting their own user tariff, or simply incentivise their customers with open access.

This development is significant because it signals the arrival of genuine commercial value to the business of charging electric cars. At this point in time the vast majority of existing UK charging infrastructure has been driven by the ultimately unsustainable combination of subsidy and social responsibility, with all involved accepting that the tipping point for progress would come with real user revenues.

The rising number of electric vehicles on the road is just one reason why electric charging locations have begun to attract revenue returns. Equally, the introduction of faster charging times and the use of mobile phone payment systems have made charging at public locations more convenient and attractive to electric car motorists, driving their use.

Mobile phone applications such as Charge Your Car app have made it possible for charge point hosts to set their own tariff and attract usage. They also make it easier for users to pay by replacing the many and varied operator membership card schemes with a single, universally accepted pay on the go approach.

Demand for charging station hosts and locations is growing, particularly in prime locations such as city centres, high streets, suburban areas and major highways. Over the next 18 months, there are 5 to 6,000 locations alone required to support the £37 million funding initiative by Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), which has supported 78 infrastructure projects in the UK. A further 4,000 sites are required by private sector organisations such as car companies, fleet operators, taxi companies and energy companies.

Good News Reading: Government cash gives a jump-start for electric cars

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The Department for Transport has announced that Reading Borough Council will receive a grant of £127,500 to help pay for the five charging locations

Electric CarsFive charging sites for electric cars are on the way, thanks to some Government cash.

The Department for Transport has announced that Reading Borough Council will receive a grant of £127,500 to help pay for the five charging locations.

The grant represents 75 per cent of the cost and the council will provide the rest – either from its transport budget or from sponsorship. The charging points will form part of a new national network which will allow electric car drivers to plan longer journeys. It also aims to encourage more drivers to opt for electrically-powered vehicles.

» Read the rest of this entry «

ElectricCar in Strasbourg… “Petit France” has quite a few electric charging locations around town

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Snaps of the #London – #Brighton – #London #EV #roadtrip

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Once Upon Sunday,

We decided to head to Brighton. Now, being all electric and so forth, importance of the full charge rang the bell. A tad bit late. By time we got out the house at some 10.15am on Sunday 19c beautiful morning (its a rare treat) in the North London location, only there and then i realised the small importance of …”75%” charge. Well, there is no time to fret, we have a Road Trip to look forward to (pls gd, don’t let me get stranded)

And so we set off. » Read the rest of this entry «

Hospitals do need #ev charging points (like WhipsCross) unlike Barnet hospital @BarnetCouncil – barren as far as #charging points concerned

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UK #ElectricCar EV charging Network is ever expanding. More Charging facilities for Electric Vehicle Drivers. Horray!

January 27th, 2013 § Comments Off on UK #ElectricCar EV charging Network is ever expanding. More Charging facilities for Electric Vehicle Drivers. Horray! § permalink

Leaders in the field of electric vehicles (EVs) have joined forces to accelerate the development of a national plug-in vehicle charging infrastructure as well as developing associated technologies.
Charge Your Car, the largest regional network of EV charge points and its sister company, Zero Carbon Futures are to enter into an agreement with Chargemaster Plc, the country##Q##s leading provider of EV charging infrastructure.

The move follows on from the recent announcement that Chargemaster is to acquire Charge Your Car##Q##s joint venture partner, Elektromotive Limited.

The partnership will involve the organisations working together to support the widespread roll-out of the existing Charge Your Car network and Pay As You Go (PAYG) services, easing the use of EVs for drivers throughout the UK.

Through an agreement between all parties, a mutually beneficial business model will be adopted so that existing customers from both organisations will be able to access points using the Charge Your Car network as the operating platform. The strength of the Charge Your Car scheme lies within their PAYG system, that allows EV drivers to charge at points throughout the UK without the need for multiple membership.

The parties see the significant benefits of charging points across the country being accessible through multi payment mechanisms. Chargemaster customers will gain from increased access to charging posts from the Charge Your Car network, in addition to their existing POLAR charging network.

Dr Colin Herron, Director of Charge Your Car, said: “This is a strong partnership bringing together three organisations with natural synergies that are all working towards the goal of the widespread roll-out of EV charging infrastructure. Combined, we will have a network consisting of 70% of all charge points in the UK and through this partnership we will help promote ease of use for EV drivers.”

All three organisations possess unique skills and experience in the EV environment, and in a separate agreement the companies will also work together to develop emerging associated technologies in areas such as home charging and induction charging.
This strong collaboration of expert organisations is expected to become a major player in the European market for electric vehicle charging equipment which is expected to grow rapidly over the next 10 years.

Dr Colin Herron, added: “The Low Carbon sector is at an exciting period in its development with a whole host of R&D activity taking place across the UK and Europe. It is natural that we now look to form partnerships such as this to accelerate that development by bringing together a wealth of expertise that will help to commercialise and develop products and services.”

Extremely unimpressed with the only few #ev charging locations in central London being in extortionate car parks at £5/hour

January 13th, 2013 § Comments Off on Extremely unimpressed with the only few #ev charging locations in central London being in extortionate car parks at £5/hour § permalink

Extremely unimpressed with the only few #ev charging locations in central London being in extortionate car parks at £5/hour. What a lack of choice and availability

We have come across few #edf #eelctricCar charging locations but naturally those are NOT linked to source London scheme.

With excess of 900 charging points connected to date, it##Q##s very unfortunate and very unfair that vast amount of those is only located in pay-per-hour car parks which don##Q##t have “offline” hours such as “single yellow” parking options for after hours for the remaining central London, and used by all other car drivers.

It feels quite penalising, Cruising on limiting electric car in centra London trying to find an available AND affordable car parking and charging spot.

Not impressed. More street parking should be made available OR subsidised NCP parking options, since, unlike other car drivers, #ev drivers often don##Q##t have electric car range/options to look for alternatives.

Please share these revelations.




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