Nissan LEAF 2016 electric car upgraded with improved range

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25% increase in LEAF driving range – 155 miles (250km) on a single charge

Significant battery updates improve performance

New NissanConnect EV infotainment system with greater functionality; off-board telematics for remote operations

Nissan has updated its LEAF electric car with a new 30kWh battery that promises to give drivers 155 miles of motoring range. It’s hoped the new battery will also help to broaden the LEAF’s appeal and boost sales. » Read the rest of this entry «

The Sorry State of SourceLondon Charging Network but Uptime is reported to improve soon.

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SourceLondon has a network of some 1300+ chargers in London and it is supposedly growing, – all very welcomed facts. But there is an issue, a serious Stick-in-wheels of progress, and that is the network’s charging points uptime.

This latter has been plaguing EV Drivers in London for some time now.

With some 25+% of the charging infrastructure down, The Issue with the charging network such as SourceLondon, especially following the takeover by the French group Bollore, is that it is not entirely clear who is still supporting the infrastructure. Who do EV Drivers need to contact to get charging issues resolved, as often, despite best attempts of contact and reporting issues, the chargers are left in disrepair for months.

Not all is gloom, as there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Things are changing.

Evidently not fast enough for the average EV Drivers, but there is hope. There is now a whole new, suffice to say, well-designed website and even an iOS and android app to go along that, but the LIVE status for these charging points is not (yet) guaranteed.

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So why is it that so many charging points are not used and electric car update is slow? UK

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There are many opinionated answers to this, some more complex than others but it all comes down to this:

All these green policies must have rigid implementation and actual sensible policing otherwise they remain green policy gimmicks and a mere tick box on the gov election agenda.

Take this spectacular example (one of many!) :

blocked access to charging bays by non-electric cars: #pointlesspolicy #wasteofeffort

These are fast charging bays where installation of those will run into thousands of pounds PER unit.
So, do tell me why there are so many non-electric cars parked up and effectively using up those bays?
Simple: whoever thought if the grand charging idea(kudos btw) forgot or was unable to secure appropriate labelling or designation for those bays. I.e they are free for all. And considering the electric car numbers make up fraction if cars on the road – it’s not supervise they are filled with non-electric cars. Essentially enduring those installations and charging infrastructure investment utterly useless.
Latter possibility however is that they are properly purposed bays with enough signage and warnings but no one policing those bays to enforce any (if exists) penalties. This allows anyone and everyone to remain egoistic and park in those bays without further thought on implications.
Finally, last and not least, if these are installed on private land, maybe there is an issue of ownership and private land management….
And fair enough, but DO NOT mislead average electric vehicle driver that there ARE any charging bays available… On the charging map.
In fact, I vote there should be no such “free-for-all” charging bays eligible for the charging map (if so).
Otherwise if these are on public land, controlled by councils as it often could be the case; shame in the council to be effectively voiding the purpose of green initiative and throw money away like this.

… I can’t wait to see yet another news report like “ITV 6 o’clock news” reporting one again skewed data that electric drivers are not using x number of bays again. Because when you look at facts on the ground and ask any electric car driver they will confirm time and time again that EV policies are often superfluous and do not necessarily meet the needs of the average EV Driver

In short,


And for Pete’s sake, consult the EV Driver groups like EVDA-UK/EVA BEFORE IMPLEMENTING ANY/SPENDING MONEY…. Just to realise it was a bad investment a year later!!

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