Another #EV trip; London – Oxford. Time to plan my electric car Trip 3.

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Since this weekend gone, 25th November 2012, it appears not all my trips have to end in disaster and result in licking my tail so to speak. (see Scotney Castle Trip)

We have met representative from Ecotricity, ChargePoint consultant Harold at junction J23 on Welcome Break Service of M25 (A1/M25 North London), – where we were frankly impressed with the “new kit” of these rapid charging units, – which can deliver upto 100%*  of the charge to the electric car.

Furthermore, “plan B”, setup are indeed there as well, dual-socket Fast Charging 32A socket options nearby as well. This will prevent further embarrassment (exactly what happened on our historic Scotney Castle Trip), never-mind my range-anxiety beating mission with electric car.

Time To Plan the New Electric Car trip to far-away, and kick this “range-anxiety”##Q##s rear side!

Preparation (mild, dont be afraid) is the key.

Route planning (and not getting lost) is important.


Luckily, London to Oxford trip, takes us through the “happy route”.

Not only, London Location is Golders Green, but its located near A406, a main-route dual carriage-way connecting to A40/M40, – direct route to Oxford.

Distance + Charging

This is where i think, its a likely win/win (dont quote me)

Total Distance  – My Golders Green, London location to Oxford – 58.3 miles (1h 30m)

Motorway speeds can eat away the “ideal” distance by as much as 25%, so lets be realistic, on my 75 Miles – my typical realistic good electric range, will be eaten to some 50+.
Naturally, i should be worried about charging about now.
Luckily, another Welcome Break, is available within a stone##Q##s throw of Oxford itself.
Charging Pit-Stop Enroute
Welcome Break – “M40 Junction 8A, Waterstock, Oxfordshire, OX33 1LJ”
Distance to Pit-Stop – 45.9 mi, 54 mins (1h:10m) – i say thats pretty damn good timing.
By this time, i would be breaking the full sweat, looking at my steadily depleting battery, so heating, (not that we will be using it anyway),  – wont be necessary.
Destination: Oxford Town. (Charging facilities (slow) aplenty.)
Final Result
Golders Green – Pit-Stop(45miles) – Oxford(Total 55miles)
Reverse Trip will happen the same way, however we could probably do with some heating and faster speeds, on 10+ miles approach to the Rapid Charging Station, to the Welcome Break services.
I say.. Doable
Gd Speed? Rightly So.
Firstly, i need to find out if i can get hands on REASONABLY-PRICED J1772 Fast Charging Cable
Will keep you posted on the trip, as and when it happens on Twitter @evMeerkat.

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