POLL: “Is it reasonable to charge £6 for 30 mins rapid charging?”

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Show of hands if you think £6 for half hour charge is reasonable or not...

Electric Vehicle Driver Association has ran a similar Poll

How much "charging for charging" is reasonable?

What do you think? (click image to part-take in the poll)

My view is that this should be “charged for charging” (no one disputes there is going to be a fee after all), but with different scheme.

10 minute slots of £1-£1.50 (if this is time-duration driven). This allows some topping up for BEV while en-route making “long jumps” to the next charging points.

This works out as max £3 for 20 minute charging.

Else, if this 20-30 mins duration is a must-have to discourage PHEV owners from hogging the Rapid Chargers, still, financially, this £6 does not discriminate owners, and I think should still be halved.

Then there is a loyalty scheme with the actual MOTO Services partners option, hope someone considered. EV Drivers already forced to take a break at every station. Say spending over £5 at the Service station gets your BEV a Free charge? That would be a vastly better alternative

With good and welcomed uptake of EVs, last thing we want to see is “Killing [any] the demand” before it takes good hold. And there will be plenty money to be made for ecotricity as the Number of EV drivers increases.

Yes, this will work out a tad cheaper but also be competitive enough to own and drive such an electric car.

There are no gov grants to sponsor this business model, and maybe there should be some input, financial incentive, from OLEV. Make your thoughts heard – https://twitter.com/olevgovuk @olevgovuk https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/office-for-low-emission-vehicles


Its not all doom and gloom after all, you could always sign up with Ecotricity’s energy supply, and thats the bigger picture, the main objective. It you do make frequent  Trips via Ecotricity’s network, being a member could resolve all these charging and cost woes.

But it you are a casual Traveller, i am just glad i have a range extender… #notproud



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