Fast charging. 7kw, 32A charging cable option

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The elusive “type 2” charging cable for Fast Charging has been found!

This means We (myself included) would be able to use the 7kw (32A) charging stations to charge my EV twice as fast.

instead of the usual 3.5kw (10miles of charge/hour) this can be charged at 7kw delivering0 miles per hour of charging.

Good Stuff!

Where do i find those 7Kw sockets? Well, i found one yesterday at Westfield shopping Centre, London.

See picture for connector information.

Where can you get one? Well its all Thanks to


This cable allows a car with a Type 1 (J1772 – 5 pin) socket to connect to a Charging Station that is equipped with a Type 2 (7 pin) socket.

Fast: Rated at 32amps allowing your car to charge at up to 7kW as limited by the onboard charger.

Robust: High quality ITT generation 2 connectors.

Convenient: A high-quality 5m flexible black cord which is the thinnest and lightest available in the industry.

Back in early Oct 2012…
Price: £199 excluding VAT and P&P (£252 inclusive of both).

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