All lamp posts in one London borough could get electric car chargers

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Electric car chargers could be installed on every residential street lamp post in one London borough in an attempt to inspire motorists to give up petrol and diesel vehicles.

Wandsworth councillors will discuss proposals on how to expand the borough’s electric car-charging network at a meeting on Wednesday.

Deputy council leader Jonathan Cook said: “We are going to actively explore the possibility of installing charging plugs in all lamp posts in our residential streets.”

Chancellor Philip Hammond is expected to announce a tax on new diesel cars in the Budget next week.

The Government aims to stop the sale of new diesels and petrol cars by 2040.

Diesel vehicles are blamed for high levels of nitrogen dioxide, which is harmful to humans, in parts of the capital.


Lancashire set to invest £15 million on electric car chargers

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The scheme would see 150 charging points be installed across the county by March 2018, but some people wonder if the money could be spent elsewhere.

Lancashire County Council successfully bid for the £14.8m from the Department for Transport.

But some community leaders have spoken out, saying the money should be used to save bus and library services that are being callously cut across Lancashire.
With libraries and bus services in every town across the county facing cuts, many believe this would be the better option.
However, others think we need to invest in the future of energy saving.
It is hoped the first machines will be installed in early 2017 once contract providers have been appointed.
Money secured from the Department for Transport will also go to replacing street lights with new LED bulbs, which could save up to £500,000 a year.

[img] Messy way to charge your car: hope it’s a one-off. 

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Typically charges are well tested to get o confirm to well known and relied-upon standards. But the issue I experienced is not with he unit per se, but acceptable plug dimensions.

You see, in my, Twizy charging joy – plug comes straight out the charging port – there is “only one”, as you may say, yet it is sized tad bulkier than what the replaceable plugs you may find, say at the kettle unit. For durability: wear and tear purposes, the charging unit does not support it.

In my case; original twizy plug didn’t plug in all the way, due to the extra bulk on the [particularly] width of the charging plug. This in turn would not let the pod close. This, in turn would not initiate the charging cycle. #fail.Luckily, a fellow EV driver did mention the issue in the past (which went in one ear and out the other with me – sorry) not that it was very helpful at that very point even if I realise what’s pears and what’s apples at time.

Luck has it, my trusty and emergency extension lead. You never know… Sorted the trick. See “after” photos with the White plug. That sorted it.

But it did leave the twizy being on charge in a very peculiar state of “look-like”…a mess.

Anyways, little birdie tells me these charging units (pod point?) are OEL? Will confirm. I also see new simikar(upgraded units being fitted about town, replacing both faulty and other units (which I used in the past without a hiccup) due to a possible support contract re-negotiation with Bollore(Source London)

Live and see. Comments? Leave below or DM. Otherwise do share along.

German cabinet gives green light to electric car incentives

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The German cabinet approved new incentives and tax breaks on Wednesday to boost demand for electric cars in an attempt to

meet its target of bringing 1 million of them onto its roads by the end of the decade.

Under the new plans, electric cars will be exempt from paying vehicle tax for ten years with retroactive effect from Jan. 1, 2016. This is up from a previous exemption of five years.

Employees who charge their electric vehicles at work will also pay a reduced tax rate of 25 percent on this non-cash benefit, the Finance Ministry said.

The tax breaks come on top of plans agreed last month between government ministers and the car industry to give buyers of electric cars a 4,000 euro incentive, while buyers of plug-in hybrid cars will get a premium of 3,000 euros.

The costs of about 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) will be shared equally between the government and the car industry.

The program includes 300 million euros of spending on charging stations.

“The key for a breakthrough in electromobility is nationwide charging infrastructure,” Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt said in a statement.

Germany, the biggest carmaker in Europe, currently has only about 50,000 purely battery powered vehicles and plug-in hybrids among the 45 million cars using its roads.

The government hopes the new incentives will help sell an additional 400,000 electric cars.

Other countries in Europe already have incentive schemes in place to get more consumers to buy electric vehicles, including Norway, the Netherlands, France and the UK.

(Reporting by Caroline Copley and Andreas Rinke, editing by Louise Heavens)


BMW i3 bigger battery spec, same physical size. 50% increase

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BMW’s i3 electric car will have a little more juice for 2017, gaining a bigger battery to boost its electric range from 80 to 114 miles. It’s all thanks to a 50 percent increase in battery capacity. Thanks to denser lithium ion batteries, the i3 goes from 22 kWh to 33 kWh without physically increasing the size of the battery pack.
The fuel tank on the Range Extender model, which uses a 650cc two-cylinder gasoline engine to charge the battery on longer journeys, also sees a small increase in capacity, going from 1.9 to 2.4 gallons. Somewhat oddly, BMW isn’t yet releasing the total range of a fully charged 2017 i3 with the Range Extender. The old i3 could go 150 miles with a full charge and full tank.

Support for faster charging allows a full charge in 4.5 hours at a Level 2 charger. That’s up from 3.5 hours in the old model, but, with the 50 percent increase in battery capacity, it’s still faster on a per kWh basis. 50kW DC fast charging tech lets the new i3 charge to 80 percent of capacity within 40 minutes, up from 25 minutes in the old version.

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Source London: what the next Mayor will do for London’s electric charging network. A word from candidates…

April 22nd, 2016 § Comments Off on Source London: what the next Mayor will do for London’s electric charging network. A word from candidates… § permalink

Source LondonThe next Mayor will have a pivotal role to play in the uptake of electric vehicles in London and we look forward to working closely with them to achieve this.Charging Point.

Sian Berry Green Party

Air pollution causes more than 9,500 premature deaths in London every year. Sixty years after the Clean Air Act helped…

Zac Goldsmith MP Conservative

There is no doubt that London is the greatest City on Earth. But, as a lifelong environmentalist, I want it to be the greenest too.

Sadiq Khan MP Labour

My aim is to be the greenest Mayor that London has ever seen. Our capital should be a leader in low-carbon…

Caroline Pidgeon AM Liberal Democrats

Under Transport for London the service provided was frequently very poor. Yet, since being taken over by the Bolloré…


Full Proposal on Source London and tackling emissions in london could be read in the attached Source London Mayor Candidates PDF

Renault to double electric car range by 2020

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Renault is planning to double the distance its electric vehicles can travel per charge by 2020, thanks to more efficient batteries with higher energy densities, according to Eric Feunteun, Renault’s head of EV.
This comes as the brand plans to sell two tiers of electric cars: affordable models with limited range and more expensive versions that can travel further on each charge.

“If you ask somebody on the street, ‘do you want a larger battery and greater range?’, the answer is, of course, ‘yes'”, said Feunteun. “But then, when you move from emotion to facts and they have the choice between 100 miles and 200 miles with a different price, then probably the reaction of people is getting more rational,” he continued. Consequently, Renault expects to have two solutions: to satisfy drivers after the greatest range or the lowest price.
With four electric models already on offer – the Zoe, Twizy and Kangoo EV (plus the non-UK Fluence saloon) – the company is looking to develop these models rather than introduce new ones.

“We have the widest range of [electric] cars, so our focus now is more on improving those cars – the features themselves, the range, charging and costs,” Feunteun claimed. “We have with our four cars strong assets and we’d rather put our energy and technology into improving those four cars than just trying another project.”

Renault, meanwhile, is to recall 999 Zoe EVs in the UK manufactured before 6 October 2014 to correct “the small possibility” of the front wheel arch liner causing damage to the front brake hose.

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Go Aberdeen: Electric vehicle no charge cost to continue in Aberdeen

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People can continue to charge their electric vehicles at no cost apart from the on-street or car park charge for a further 12 months after it was agreed at committee yesterday (Tues 15 March).

Aberdeen City Council’s Communities, Housing and Infrastructure committee approved a report on the service.
Aberdeen City Council’s Communities, Housing and Infrastructure convener Councillor Neil Cooney said: “This is a fantastic scheme and will help to encourage more people to change to electric vehicles.
“We hope many more motorists will go electric and will make use of our facility of not charging for the electricity.”
The report to committee said the supply and installation of the EV Charging Units has, to date, been 100% grant funded by Transport Scotland, the Scottish Government Transport Agency, OLEV, the UK Office for Low Emission Vehicles and the Energy Saving Trust Scotland. Funding has been awarded to Community Planning Partnerships in each local authority area with Community Planning Partners (CPPs) the recipients.
Since the Aberdeen public network was installed in 2013, the cost of providing the electricity for these units has been absorbed by the City Council.
Figures obtained from EDF, the City Council’s energy provider, reveal that, since they were installed, the cost of running the 34 charge points that the Council has figures for is £13,116.
The Aberdeen Air Quality Action Plan (2011) identifies road traffic as the main contributor to poor air quality in Aberdeen. Given that Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEVs) offer zero and reduced tailpipe emissions respectively when compared with 100% Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, facilitating the use of such vehicles could make a difference to Aberdeen air quality.
The report to committee further said evidence suggests that people choose EVs and PHEVs partly for their environmental credentials and partly due to the low running costs. An 80 mile journey in an EV typically costs around £2.50 in electricity, around a quarter of the price of an equivalent fossil fuelled vehicle. Still, only 1% of new car sales in Scotland are EV and PHEV and it is argued that the current low cost of petrol and diesel at the pumps is doing little to help uptake.
The free use of the charging infrastructure could be considered as a significant incentive to stimulate interest. If this is not offered, the uptake could be limited and this could have a detrimental impact upon sustainability and environmental issues.
Aberdeen City Council won a Scottish Transport Award in 2015 for its work “Powering ahead with electric vehicles”, and is regarded by the Electric Vehicle Association Scotland (EVAS) as the best EV Council in Scotland. By continuing to present the city as EV friendly, the Council aims to uphold this reputation both with users and transport professionals alike.


Charging points at 72% of motorway stations

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Research made by the RAC Foundation revealed most motorway stations had charging points – 72% of the total 97 sites.
Of the 165 individual charge points, 92% are rapid, allowing batteries to be almost fully replenished in around 30 minutes, informed RAC.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said: “Electric car drivers might still struggle to drive from Land’s End to John o’ Groats but they can now travel from Southampton to Perth in a relatively straight line and be confident of being able to ‘fill up’ along the way.

England had the highest percentage of charging points within 20 miles of the whole road network at 82 per cent, while at 28% Scotland represented the least EV-friendly territory on the United Kingdom.

“Though many of the charge points are rapid, it will still take at least 20 minutes to fully charge a battery, which is fine if you’re first in line but could be a challenge if the hoped-for take up of electric cars materialises and you’re stuck at the back of a long queue,” added Gooding. 

Top UK #electricCar #EV #PHEV Charge Cable Prices! – British Based

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EvMeerkat has joined forces with EV OneStop to help promote the best priced charging cables around. EV OneStop, a British based company which offers customers warranties on all products as well as free UK delivery, operates a ‘price match’ system – guaranteeing that their prices cannot be beaten.

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