Why Drive an Electric Car

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So the story is – I have upgraded from my automatic petrol (35mpg) to an electric car, some near 2 years ago. And I have Never looked back.

@Evmeerkat outside LSE

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Some “minor” yet useful benefits:

  • Eco Kudos – ZeroEmission, its Clean, and i can breathe in and out (at least on my conscience) Free Access to London’s Congestion Zone: My home charging tariff is renewable, do spare any “irony-test”
  • Its extremely cheap and hassle free running costs. I lease. no headache.
  • I get free parking in Westminster for my electric Car, which is like the best part of London

Then, There’s The Maths, – READ MORE.


As one gentleman once rightly said, “Electric Car is not for everyone, it is only able to satisfy the needs of some 90% of the driving population“. If thats not true, thats damn close

Enjoy the website reading, folks!


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Electric vs Fossil Fuel Comparison Updated

PS. I personally research the best Deals, so you are guaranteed to get the best deal for your money. This is independent of the dealer, but my personal mission. If you know there is a good deal around – get in touch, after all iam[at] evmeerkat.com – www.leasing.london

Never get tired of it. Out in #ev all day. Plugged in overnight. Est cost £2.30 #ElectricCar http://t.co/rdqA8xuCMI

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Charging home is cheap and in our electricity tariff, green too.

Nothing better than plug in after a day of roaming about town for some £2.50 odd.

If only it was that cost efficient and green driving ALL cars, I’d keep windows open when stuck in traffic or on dual carriageways.


#Cheapest #Nissan #LEAF in March 2013: “short term” – 2 year lease – £174.95/month+VAT @ 6+23

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Here we go. Now moving even into “short term” lease options for Electric Car.

You can have the best of all worlds- piece of mind, in case you think this may not be for you. – 2 years lease.

And, – electric car.

6+23 lease Option may be the right thing for you.

Check figures. This is 5k/annum mileage contract. Superb if you typically do run-around trips, short journeys and school runs. True “integration test” for you vs ev. (You can request more miles on lease deal as always)

Here is the thing. You dont even need to go “full maintenance” with this lease. If you dont hit 10k miles mark in two years – you dont need to pay up for the service costs (as little and typical as they may be – should every penny count)

So with deposit (i agree its not cheap), it works out £40/month breakdown of the initial deposit into months.

And here you are – looking for £215+ VAT/month deal which will have a further 10% fuel over head.

All inclusive Car Ownership. No Tax. (new) No Mot. No fuel/mpg stress. No Congestion charge.

cheap nissan leaf car lease


Its #2013: Second #Upgraded spec #EV (s) are coming to the market. Lookout for deals! #ElectricVehicle #Green

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Just like with any tech. Out with the old, in with the new. hopefully faster, bigger, stronger.

I guess same flies for the Electric Cars.

Its 2013. We know that New-Gen of LEAF is due shortly. Offering from 109 – 124miles depending on the trim levels.

Zoe is not that far away, once they resolve issues with Chameleon charges in the end. Then we are looking at i3 by BMW VW e-UP eGolf, etc even Model S, in time to come.

What does it mean for mass market? We are getting savvy, we KNOW what EV ownership is all about (hopefully you were following my blog).

We have dealt with cold weather, and used up inefficient heating systems. New tech is coming, and we are ready for it. We, Electric Car users and drivers have our own requirements “wouldnt it be great if…”

Anyway, before i get side tracked;

For the novice driver, possibly like yourself who considers running an electric. Welcome Welcome, step this way.

Tips HOW to find that cheap lease/deal:

  • Research the car of choice, find the production levels (more volume the cheaper they go down to – economies of scale – basic)
  • Find our release schedule. If manufacturer is “doing well” and even plans for growth (Nissan/Renault) in the EV market, you can probably pick up the “older” model for cheaper buck right before the new model comes onto the market.

What does @evMeerkat is talking about?

Consider a phone contract.You have generation 1 phone. Upgraded model 2, (with more power and toys) is released onto the market. Your existing phone contract now falls in price, and the NEW phone and that contract become the “new norm”. You can probably pickup your older phone+ contract on some much cheaper deal now.

Same with Electric Car. Its a commuter toy. Gets you from A to B hopefully in style. Its typically costs cheaper to run and maintain than a “normal” car. i.e. less moving parts. no engine. no … shenanigans as they say. Battery comes with typically 8 year warranty. There you go. Piece of mind, in case you were about to say, “what if the battery breaks”… and i say to you.. “what if the world runs out of fuel.. huh? (thats right, im getting the big guns), or arab countries have another bleeding “spring” (to hell with them lot on that matter – im not intending to be politically correct here – time and place for that) and.. how much will driving COST you then…huh?.. huh?” I say 1.40 litre been here, and 1.50 a litre of fuel, so I wont get cynical on you, but anything goes…

Anyway, back to the point; You can either treat you forth-coming EV as a “commuter toy” or.. treat it like any other “real” car  – i do. I clock 900 miles a month and i dont even think about it.

The issue with “fuel“? well. you can choose to charge it at home, and if you live in London, you typically have access to fast growing network of charging points. Click the map link on your left for MORE fyi about this.

No, they are not common as petrol stations, YET. But if you are in a hurry, click filter on that MAP-link, on your left and select Rapid (red) charging points, and these can charge you from 0-80% typically around 25 minutes.

I say get LEAF. i really mean it. Dont look at my domain name of evmeerkat.com – Im content with it by all means, but we##Q##re talking about the future, and by the time, (if) you decide to get a car, I would likely to be “out-of-date” as far as tech-range is concerned.

However if you wish to “cheaper” option yet, i take back all i said in the paragraph above, and get that “cheaper phone contract” – you can probably pick my model in couple of months with a nice discount.

oh yeh, while you##Q##re here and i have your attention…

Just remember (for London users especially);

New Electric Car means:

  • No tax
  • No mot (while its new < 3 years)
  • No engine to worry about (with 300+ mechanical moving parts that can typically go wrong)
  • All-inclusive-fuel (if you are lucky to live in a well-“populated” charging facility area (London) – else seriously low monthly fuel bills – £30-50? a month – Thats if you are doing 40 miles EVERY DAY (thats a lot)
  • Seriously low insurance – PlugInsure lot told me that having an electric car is like having a classic car. Users typically rewarded for careful driving in optimised mileage, while “hammering” the car typically eats more “fuel” – much like any car. Basically you##Q##re “careful cautious driver” 
  • Dont stress about the range. Unless you live in remote location. You probably dont realise how much 5 miles really is. Do you know how far exactly your work/hobby/home/family/shopping/doctor/bank really is? Doing some basic maths really helps.
  • New Electric Cars like LEAF (*DROOLS*) – have sat nav system which informs drivers of the nearest charging location, should you need it.



Dont hesitate to drop a line on Twitter @evMeerkat


£149.99/month evmeerkat ev Lease – for price of monthly petrol!

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Yes my friends!

The Very special deal finally arrived which actually makes sense!

149.99/month + VAT deal on 3 year lease!

This is basically 3 + 35 month contract. Excludes annual maintenance (£140-£220)

I have gone for this offer myself actually, and am here to tell the tale.

I migrated from Vw polo 1.4 automatic and gone head-on into this electric car deal since it just made sense as I live in London and I spend 150-170/month on fuel anyway.

Then there is TAX, maintenance (odd repairs), MOT, insurance for the category, congestion, etc…

I only travel average 40-50 a day! Forget that, my commute is 25 miles return trip on A406.

So if I can rid of my banger, but get a brand new spanking AND electric, car, which is typically costs same as leasing LEAF @£249/month.
Congestion Nil
Mot nil (first year?)
No “repairs”
New car!
Insurance half price (I had 0 no claims + 1 incident)

Why not!?

Costs the same!

Well, each one needs to work out their costs, maybe consider as a second car, yada yada.

But I sold my Polo. EV is my one and only car and having been licking myself at the sight and rumours of these EVs years back when they cost the arm, the leg, and two kidneys, – I think it##Q##s time… To make a leap of faith…

I setup a form to get you/whoever interested to just apply only and get a call back from people like meself, but the dealership.
See link on left menu.


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